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It's all Greek to me


Actually, it isn't all Greek - most of it is Latin! In a previous column we discussed why English is a dual language. (Remember 1066, The Battle of Hastings?) There are also many English words that come from Greek origins.  In fact, English is far more than a dual language. It can be downright maniacal! Here is a fun chart of some Greek and Latin words that mean the same thing:


Meaning Greek Example Latin Example
blood HEM hemostat SANGUI exsanguinate
bone OST(E) osteopath
OSS ossify
brain ENCEPHAL encephalogram
breast MAST, MAZ mastectomy
MAMM mammary
chest STETH stethoscope
PECTOR pectoral
ear OT otitis
AUR aural
OCUL binoculars
finger DACTYL dactylic
DIGIT digital
foot POD, PUS tripod
PED pedestrian
CAPIT decapitate
joint ARTHR arthritis ARTICUL
kidney NEPH nephritis
REN renal
lung PNEUM(ON)
nerve NEUR neurotic NERV nervous
tooth ODON(T)
DENT dentist


Morpheme of the week:  The root LOG

Enjoy this brief video that comes directly from WordBuild Foundations Level 1. 
The prefix IN, meaning in or into
The prefix IN, meaning in or into

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