Greetings to all my fiber friends!

After 24 years of owning the store, it's time to "pass the torch" or the "knitting needles" on to Adrienne Johnson the new owner of Warner Mountain Weavers.

Not to worry, I will still be working in the store, weaving, knitting and dyeing yarn. I want to keep in contact with all my family of fiber friends. Over the years I've met so many wonderful customers and incredible fiber enthusiasts. I want to thank everyone for their loyalty and friendships.

Bonnie Chase

Here's a note from Adrienne:

Before I say anything else, I need to give credit where credit is due. Bonnie Chase has spent the equivalent of my entire life span creating and developing businesses and a life based in creativity, learning, sharing and making. The rug loom she lets me use is only a year or two younger than I am, and has followed her throughout her life. Many here in Surprise Valley have learned on it too! There is no Warner Mountain Weavers without Bonnie and her beautiful soul. That she has trusted me to continue this legacy leaves me speechless.

In my mind, the whole shop is a loom, and those who participate are both the weavers and the weaving. All of YOU are what help weave this magical place together, and my only role is to make sure the warp is strong and straight and ready to be woven upon. This is what I will endeavour to do every day. What amazing things will we weave together over the next 20 years? Let's find out!

This next year will be a year of change at the shop. The vision that everyone working in the shop shares is to make The Weavers a place people from all over the map come to to learn the traditional skills and knowledge that are deeply embedded in this space. We invite any person who wants to learn to come learn with us! We invite any person who has something to teach to come teach with us! Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your neighbor!

As the saying goes, "When you have more than you need, don't build a higher wall. Set a longer table!". Our table is always set for one more guest. Bring your work, your questions, your contributions and join us in making the next 20

years amazing! Bonnie (she still wants to be a part of the fun!!!), Barbara, Bernard and Abigail (our two crazy cute feline co-workers), and I look forward to seeing you all.

Adrienne Johnson

24th Annual Woolgathering

5 Glorious Days September 4-8th Wednesday-Sunday

More Workshops to choose from this year!

Beginning Spinning

Wednesday September 4th


Instructor: Melissa Harris

Cost: $85 Materials Fee $5

Limit: 8 students

Learn to spin, using one of our spinning wheels and local wool. You will learn how to spin as well as learn basic wheel mechanics and an introduction to turning fiber into your own hand spun yarn.

If you are bringing your own spinning wheel, let us know.

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Color and Texture in Spinning

Thursday September 5th


Instructor: Melissa Harris

$60 plus Materials fee $15

We are going to explore the world of color and texture, using carded fiber. We will use hand cards as well as drum carders to make colorful yarns that have personality and character. We will also explore what to look for when purchasing carded fiber, as well as how to choose hand cards and drum carders for your own fiber studio. We will be making batts, rolags, and blending different colors and materials to make lofty, unique yarns that are extremely fun to spin and will make you look at color differently.

Prerequisite: Beginning Spinning or equivalent. 

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Dyeing Color Exploration with Natural Dyes and Wool

Thursday, September 5th


$90 class fee

$35 materials fee (includes all dyes and fiber)

Instructors: Jeannie Kaiser and Louisa Hunter

Limit 14 students


Expand your range of color with dyes from local plants using three different mordants. Participants will be guided through each unique mordant recipe for use on wool fabric and yarn. Each mordant yields different colors in the same dye pot. We will explore the effects of over and under dyeing with indigo using an organic indigo vat to extend the range of colors.

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Weaving and Dyeing Woven Shibori

on a Rigid Heddle Loom

Friday September 6th


$115 class fee $10 Materials fee

Instructors: Adrienne Johnson and Louisa Hunter

Limit 10 students

In this workshop, participants will explore the technique of Shibori using a rigid heddle loom. Participants will learn to weave Shibori using pick up sticks and dye woven pieces in an organic indigo vat. The pattern threads on your woven cloth will be gathered tightly prior to dyeing. Once the cloth is dyed, the resist threads will be removed revealing the pattern. This will be a fun, fast paced class.

Requirements: 8/2 cotton weaving yarn, unmercerized white or natural for warp and weft. Cotton crochet thread size 10 in a contrasting color for pattern weft.

Your loom must be threaded and ready to weave. Specific instructions will be sent out after class registration with tips on where to buy your warp and weft yarns.

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Hooking with Hand Spun Yarn

Saturday September 7th


Instructor: Bev Hills

Cost: $85 Materials Fee $25

Limit: 10 students

Spinning without Tools

Hand spun yarn and rug hooking go hand-in-hand, a perfect match of handcrafts. In this class you will hook either a blue hydrangea or a red poppy mat using your freshly spun yarn!

Create yarn made from roving - no tools required! Bev will demonstrate how to easily twist sections of roving into yarn, then hook it into a linen foundation.

Included in this class are small hanks of colorful roving, yarn and a hand drawn pre-hemmed linen mat with your choice of pattern, and ribbon candy!

(Ribbon candy resembles the up-and-down loops formed by hooking into a foundation.)

Students are asked to bring scissors, a 9” minimum embroidery hoop, and a rug hook. Embroidery hoops and rug hooks will be for sale at the class. Bev has some extra "hooks and hoops" to use in the class.

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Shibori and Natural Dyeing Indigo

Saturday, September 7th,


$90 class

$35 materials fee

Instructors: Jeannie Kaiser and Louisa Hunter

Limit 10 students

This is a hands on introduction to natural Indigo, the dye and process. We will have the opportunity to use two different Natural Dye Vats. Learn about Indigo and the characteristics of different Indigo recipes.

We will cover a range of Shibori dye resist techniques, creating beautiful patterns using traditional and nontraditional methods. You will learn the basics of stitch resist, fold and clamp, pole wrap and binding which we will dye in the Indigo vats. Each student will have the opportunity to explore different patterns on a variety of cotton and silk.

We will take you through fabric preparation, best dye practices and finishing techniques to ensure longevity of your Indigo dyed designs.

No previous experience is needed and all materials will be covered by the materials fee.

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Botanical Dyes Garden Tour and “Fresh Indigo” Dip

Sunday September 8th


Instructor: Kay Antunez

Cost: $90 All materials included

Limit 10 students


Join us in Eagleville’s Oz Garden to learn about cultivating botanical dyes – madder, weld, coreopsis and more. We will harvest Japanese Indigo and make a fresh indigo dye together. Take home several plant starts and seeds for your own dye garden and an indigo-dyed blue silk scarf.

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REFUNDS will be given up until September 1st minus a 5% administrative fee to cover credit card fees etc... No refunds available on the day of the event.

Meet the new employees at the shop hired to be on mouse patrol.

Bernard with the black nose, and Abigail with the white nose. They are the official greeters and are so sweet, cuddly and playful.

High Desert Fibershed Learning Center

Workshops and Classes

One-On-One(ish) Instruction- If there is something you would like to learn but can't get to one of our classes for, call us to make an appointment for a private class! Private classes are generally $20/hr (excluding fabric/fiber dyeing), and can be scheduled for any day of the week we are open.

Weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom

Learn to Weave

so you can take the

Woven Shibori Workshop

Woolgathering Friday Sept. 6th

Come in and pick out your new loom and choose a date for a class

Are you interested in learning to weave, but don't have room for a giant floor loom? We have you covered! Rigid heddle looms are the way to go to get yourself making beautiful cloth on a machine you can store under the bed when not in use. However, small looms are easy to carry around with you, so how often you will need to store it is debatable. We currently carry both Ashford and Schacht rigid heddle looms in-store and we can order any of their products we don't have for you at any time.

If you want to learn how to weave, these are a great place to start and we have both small group and private classes available to teach both beginning and advanced techniques! Drop by the shop and see the modifications Adrienne has made to her 15" rigid heddle Cricket to convert it into a 4 shaft floor loom that takes up only the space of a small side table.

Hand Quilting With Scraps

Class fee- $15

July 5th- 1-3 pm

Instructor: Adrienne Johnson

Just show up!

It's hot outside and sometimes you just need something quiet to do in a cool place. Come spend some time hand quilting with supplied fabric scraps! We'll make little quilts, improvising with what we have to hand. How little? Anything from the size of a tea bag to the size of a salad plate. It's a great way to free your creativity, practice hand sewing skills and make a small piece that you can finish in a single session. Maybe make a tiny flag for the holiday!

Ages 10 and up. No experience needed but the more you know, the fancier you can get! We will provide scraps to quilt with but feel free to bring your own. You will need your own scissors and if you have your own sewing kit, bring it. If not, we will have a small number of sewing things (minus scissors) for you to purchase in store.

"Ocean Shawl" crocheted by Barbara Spears

Learn (Better) Crochet

July 13th and 27th 2 sessions

10am-12noon $35

Ongoing classes

Instructor: Barbara Spears

Barbara is here to teach anyone who wants to learn. New to the form? Barbara will teach you how to get started, how to read a pattern, how to troubleshoot problems, or help with that one stitch you haven't been able to get. Want to start a project, but unsure how to do it? Come on in and let Barbara show you the way.

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"Open Table"

Saturday July 6th and 20th,

at our usual 1-3, but feel free to come in earlier and sit with us for lunch and stay until we close at 5.

I got behind in this, but then we think every day is open table (because it is)! Officially,"Open Table" will be back to Saturdays (after many of you told me Saturdays were bad, no one came for Thursdays).

Bring in whatever your project is, we have room at the table for it! Knitting, crochet, weaving, sewing... if you are stuck, there will most likely be someone there to help you get past it! There will be tea or coffee, and maybe some nice snacks if Adrienne can get baking.


Saturday July 20th 12:30

Come to our famous Potluck with lavish platters of delicious

food to share with fiber friends. Everyone welcome.

Looking for a gift for the crafter in your life? We always have gift certificates available and we have a growing collection of fantastic handmade items produced right here in Modoc County. What about a one of a kind craft kit? We have several kits already assembled in the shop, but we can easily help you put a custom one together! Felting, knitting, crochet, weaving, dyeing... come talk to us and we will find something special.

WMW will be open more store hours and days for your shopping convenience!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10am-3pm

Friday and Saturday. 10am-5pm

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