Issue XIX
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Features - Women's History Month
- Sophia Boutillier

The OTH Women’s Studies Bookshelf lists titles from more than 40 publishers: if our readers are aware of any title or publishers that are not included, please feel free to submit them for consideration. To be included in OTH Bookshelf, a book must be available to read online and/or download for free and must have been assigned an ISBN.
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In a major survey (via the Chronicle), more than 160 librarians share their views on changes affecting libraries:

- Shiva Darbandi, Director, Joanne Waxman Library, Maine College of Art & Design
Representation means archiving history. Dr. Irma McClaurin began by preserving her own personal documents and academic work and ended up creating a Black feminist archive at U Mass Boston. Via the Daily Collegian.
On International Women’s Day this year, some prestigious educational organizations who tweeted about the important work of their female staff got called out by the Gender Pay Gap Bot Twitter account, which revealed how much lower women's median hourly pay was than men's in their institutions. Via Fortune.
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has announced that it will provide up to $10 million in competitive grants to American universities for projects in the humanities that address several important social-justice topics. Via The Andrew W. Mellow Foundation.
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