Women's Health Updates — July 2021

Learn about recent developments in women's health as well as SWHR's activities that promote the study of sex and gender influences on health and serve our mission to improve women's health through science, policy, and education.
On July 13 at 10:00 a.m. ET, SWHR will host a virtual congressional briefing — in partnership with the Fibroid Foundation, the White Dress Project, the Black Women’s Health Imperative, and the Society of Interventional Radiology — to raise awareness of policy needs to improve care for individuals with uterine fibroids, a condition that is underfunded and often overlooked in research. Register today.

For Fibroid Awareness Month this July, check out other events from the Fibroid Foundation and the White Dress Project.
The national opioid epidemic was already raging before COVID-19 hit the United States. During the pandemic, the situation severely worsened, including for those who are pregnant. Read our blog to learn about the challenges and barriers to treatment facing pregnant and postpartum individuals with opioid use disorder.
About 70% of people with chronic pain are women. There were already vast disparities across racial and gender lines in the validation of pain and getting treatment. In the pandemic, it has been increasingly hard for women to seek treatment. Read more.
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently began conducting studies on pregnant and postpartum women to evaluate the immune responses generated by COVID-19 vaccines, and whether women can pass protection to their babies via the placenta or breast milk. The NIH study, MOMI-VAX, will measure COVID-19 antibodies in women vaccinated during pregnancy or the first two months after delivery. Read more.
For every 10 women in your life, at least one of them likely has endometriosis. This chronic and often debilitating disease can be difficult to live with, both physically and emotionally. SWHR’s new video series —based on our Endometriosis Toolkit — is designed to empower individuals with endometriosis in navigating their care.

More than 8 million people in the U.S. have psoriasis, a chronic condition where skin cells multiply 10 times faster than the normal rate. In up to 30% of cases, patients will also develop psoriatic arthritis, inflammation in the joints. Without a definitive diagnostic test and a shortage of rheumatology care in some areas, many patients are not diagnosed in a timely fashion, resulting in delayed treatment that can worsen joint damage and related bone health. Read more on our blog.
The liver does a lot of work to keep our bodies healthy. From promoting blood clotting to breaking down toxins, this vital organ filters 1.4 liters of blood in a minute! While the liver is constantly aiding processes that maintain our health, we seldom think about how to keep our liver healthy. Read more on SWHR's blog.
The Society for Women’s Health Research announced the hiring of Lindsey Horan as its new Chief Advocacy Officer. Horan comes to SWHR with a decade of experience in federal health and research policy and coalition management. As chief advocacy officer, Horan will provide oversight of SWHR’s government relations, communications, and advocacy functions. Read more on our blog.
During a recent SWHR policy meeting, Dr. Richard Chapman, chief science officer at the Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI), and Dr. Camille Fabiyi, senior advisor for women’s health and gender research at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), shared insight on women’s health priorities and the important work that their organizations are engaged in to address equity issues within the health care system. Read more.
The Friends of ORWH (FORWH) coalition is composed of organizations representing researchers, clinicians, patients, and policy advocates that are committed to addressing sex and gender disparities in health and prioritizing research gaps and unmet needs to advance women’s health. Learn more and become a member.
SWHR seeks an experienced, intellectually curious, and dynamic professional to assume the role of Communications Manager. Both an action-oriented strategist and self-starter, this person will play a key role in developing, implementing, and maintaining SWHR’s website, blog, social media channels, educational materials, and various internal and external outreach.

SWHR seeks a highly motivated candidate to be responsible for maintaining and updating the donor database including data entry and integrity, analysis, and report generation. This role will support development functions to secure funds that support science programs, policy initiatives, education, and communications that further the mission of SWHR.

VCU’s Institute of Women’s Health has put together the Health of Women 2021 as a seven-part virtual symposium series, with sessions taking place each Friday through August 13. Register and read the entire agenda.
The Women’s Health Innovation Summit will take place in Boston on September 14-15 and virtually on September 28. The summit is committed to tackling unmet needs and championing innovative approaches and solutions for women's health. Learn more.
10th Annual Focus on Eye Health National Summit

Join Prevent Blindness on July 14-15 for the Focus on Eye Health National Summit. This event will celebrate the key vision advancements that have occurred during the 10 years the summit has convened, as well as look ahead to leading advancements, policies, and social issues that will shape how we approach eye health for the coming decade. Register.