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March 2017 News

This March, reboot and reenergize with our invigorating 3-Day Seasonal Cleanse!

Looking for better skin, joints and hair? Look no further than collagen!
We carry many forms including highly absorbable powders and easy to take supplements. Stop in and find your favorite form!

We're excited to announce our newest item in grocery: gluten-free, GMO-free tamales by Tamale Addiction! M ade with 100 percent organic masa and free of lard, trans fat oils and preservatives! Try Spinach and Caramelized Onions or Poblano and Muenster Cheese. Find them in our freezer section!

Check out our informative articles below and awesome new classes and  events  to your right !

Happy, Healthy January! 
~ Your Friends at Peoples  

The Women Who Made Medical History
Women have played significant roles in healing fields throughout history. However they were not widely permitted to attend medical training programs until the late 1800s.

For Women's History Month, let us take a moment to honor of all the women that have been pioneers in medicine!

How I Learned to Lose Weight & Keep it Off
By the time I graduated high school I had several weight loss programs under my belt: Weight Watchers, low-fat, hospital-supported juvenile weight program, religion-based support groups, exercise routines...
Are Your Meds Making You Deficient?
Find out if your medications can cause vitamin deficiencies with this easy and helpful guide!

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