February 2023
Message From Our President
There's been a lot of exciting things happening at DBCR, and I can't
resist sharing this good news! Check out all the exciting things happening at DBCR,
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what is happening here daily!  
  1. In the Corporate Work Study Program, students learn hard and interpersonal skills! Grianny (Class of ‘24) works for our new job partner, “Main Street Connect,” where he was featured in their latest newsletter. The Letter talks about Grianny’s beautiful friendship with his coworker!! I encourage you all to read this GREAT story. Tristan and Grianny's Story - Main Street Connect | Inclusivity Redefined 

2. We recently celebrated our newest National Honor Society members. 16 juniors and seniors were inducted into the National Honor Society - - the largest number since the pandemic!! Family, friends, faculty, and staff gathered in our cafeteria for the NHS ceremony! 
3. The basketball team is headed to Cristo Rey Philadelphia on February 26th - - Cristo Rey Philadelphia is hosting the first-ever Cristo Rey basketball tournament! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?! If you want to get in on the action, we need sponsors to create t-shirts shirts for the girls’ and boys’ teams AND rent a bus to take our athletes (and some of the student body) to Philly! As the reigning soccer champions of the Cristo Rey Cup, we are ready to bring home two more BIG FIRST-place trophies!! Help us get there!
Mark K. Shriver
Alumni Highlight
Erika Mendoza
DBCR '14
Marymount University '18
Hi everyone! I'm Erika Mendoza, and I graduated from DBCR in 2014.
I transferred to DBCR as a sophomore, and during those three years, I was involved in youth ministry, student ambassadors, and the tennis team! Through the Corporate Work Study Program, I was first placed at Capital Research Center and then worked at Monumental Sports & Entertainment, where I had the privilege of working close to Raul Fernandez.

After High School, I went to Albright College, transferred to Marymount University, and graduated in 2018 with a major in Communications. I continued working at Monumental with Raul to help support myself through college. Monumental was also my first full-time job, I worked there for a year right out of college!

While at Monumental, I worked with Sebastian Buelvas '18, who introduced me to San Miguel School, and I was struck by how similar their mission is to DBCR. I ended up applying to San Miguel's Development Coordinator position and got the job! I have been at San Miguel for four years, currently serving as the Assistant Director of Development.
Corporate Work Study Highlight
Francis J. Collins Funeral Home
Roselyn '23 pictured with Supervisor Mercedes and President of Francis Collins, John K.C. McHugh
Meet Roselyn ‘23, a hard-working, dedicated, and compassionate DBCR senior who has been making a positive impact at school and work. As part of the Corporate Work Study Program, Roselyn works at the Francis J. Collins Funeral Home. Her friendly and welcoming attitude makes her a valuable member of the team and a source of comfort for those she serves. 
Roselyn's time at Collins Funeral Home has been made even more special by the supportive environment she's found there. Her supervisor, Mercedes, is also a first-generation Latin American. Mercedes has become an incredible mentor and advocate for Roselyn, sharing her wisdom and experience. 
This partnership between Don Bosco Cristo Rey and the Francis J. Collins Funeral Home is mutually beneficial. By investing in our students, the Collins Funeral Home is providing them with meaningful experiences and preparing them for the future. Roselyn is such a valuable employee that she was offered a full-time summer job at Francis J. Collins Funeral Home! She plans on working over the summers while attending Mount St. Mary’s University!
She is proof that hard work, determination, and a positive attitude can help you achieve your goals and positively impact the world.
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