With Thanks and Best Wishes
for the Holidays from Gird Valley!

Gird Valley painting, courtesy of  Mijoa Rho.
We in Fallbrook have a lot to be thankful for this year. Jade and Julie Work closed escrow on the Gird Valley property on November 15th, saving the land from the threat of residential development.  Since then we've had rainbows and rain, a sure sign we are on the right path!

We are also thankful so many of you cleared your busy schedules to attend the meeting at the old clubhouse on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The
San Diego Union-Tribune and the  Village News published detailed articles about the meeting so please read them and add your comments. Thanks!
At the meeting, Jade shared his plans to transform the property into a working vineyard with Italian-themed wine-tasting room, restaurant and bar. The site will be a great place to gather, to host events and special family celebrations.
The land on the eastern side of Gird will all be planted in vines, varieties of grapes yet to be determined, with some more vines on the west side of Gird. The approach along Gird Road will be graced by trees and possibly a split-rail fence, according to Jade.
All 116 acres are to be protected from future large scale development by the use of conservation easements.
We are seeing lots of activity on the Gird Valley property and the Works have engaged an architect to design the new restaurant and outlying buildings including a barrel room.
The vision is reminiscent of Old Italy and will be a lovely addition to this bucolic setting.
Fallbrook is located within one of half a dozen regions on the planet blessed with Mediterranean climates so Mediterranean flora thrive in this valley and Italian-style building will enhance our sun-drenched valley. Beyond a vineyard, Jade says that he wants to incorporate olive trees on the steeper slopes on the property. These will be working trees since Jade looks forward to making olive oil.
As Jade told those at the meeting, "I won't be successful in this unless this place is spectacularly beautiful. I have a huge vested interest to make it spectacular."
What will the new business be called, Jade was asked. Here is where you can help. The new endeavor needs a name! "Fallbrook" and "Gird" are both off the table so put on your thinking caps and send us your ideas. Help Jade and Julie Name The Winery! A prize (yet to be determined) for the best name!
At our Thanksgiving dinners this year, we in Fallbrook offered up thanks that this little slice of heaven was saved from development. 

We expect to face more challenges to the rural beauty of our area as time goes on, but local residents  are committed to preserving our lovely valley and willing to tackle these issues as they arise.

To help us succeed, we will hold a meeting in the new year so do watch your emails and let us know if you are interested in helping.
Thanks and best wishes for the Holidays!

The Steering Committee

  • Visit our website, urge your friends to sign up for our emails. 
  • Donate to help with expenses and/or support a nonprofit to be formed in 2017. 
  • Attend the meeting in the New Year when you see the time and place announced. 
  • Add your comments to the new articles about the property. Keep the discussion going!

Protect Fallbrook's rural character!
A BIG THANK YOU to Jade and Julie Work for saving Gird Valley from development and to Fallbrook for supporting them and the property's transformation this winter!