Hello friend,

The need for Child, Teen and Family Counseling has only increased during this stressful time. We're responding to that need with new, creative, flexible methods that help children and families continue to build skills and heal.

One such method is Telemental Health – “Telehealth” for short – which lets us bring therapy, skills training and other services right into our families' homes.

"Is blue your happy color? What's your angry color?"

Terrie H., a Child and Family Therapist, us ed art as an interactive activity during this Telehealth session. By putting colors to different feelings, kids learn to recognize them and talk about them. Therapy with children and families often focuses on affect identification (recognizing feelings) to help improve communication, understand behavior patterns, foster discussions about difficult or traumatic experiences, and process unmet needs.

Telehealth is working in our other programs, too.

Our Intensive Treatment Services team is also doing Telehealth with children and families, both for skills training and treatment. Our Relief Nursery and Healthy Families programs are still providing their families with support, education, resources and "home" visits -- on video! We're even finding that more people are joining in our therapeutic and educational groups -- such as Intersection Connection for middle schoolers -- now that we're holding them virtually.

We're pleased that so many of our families are thriving with Telehealth. The need for services doesn't stop... so we'll keep finding innovative ways to deliver them.