Happy New Year

News From The Tasting Room

Winter Hours

Monday-Saturday 11 - 6

We are open all winter long! So please stop in and see us! We have tastings and wine by the glass available! Wine club members, be sure to stop in for your free flights!


Check Out These Items

We have some new merchandise! Have you seen Baby Emmet the Otter? You can take one home along with his story of being left at the winery! We can also ship Baby Emmet to you, your kids, grand-kids, nieces and nephews! Needing a gift for a party, anniversary or birthday? Our one-bottle crate box pictured here is now on-sale for just $5! Wine not included and sold separately. We are almost out of our estate grapevine and lavender wreaths! Call ahead to ensure availability. These wreaths are only available for in store purchase and are not able for shipping. Call the winery 231-290-9463 for more information.


News from the Winemaker - Geeky Edition

We are utilizing mother nature right now to help cold stabilize our wines. Cold Stabilization is the process of exposing the wines to temperatures around 0F to 32F for a minimum of two weeks. During this time a crystallization reaction happens between the potassium and the tartaric acid. This creates a deposit of crystals on the tank walls. Think of the string in high school science class and the crystals that formed on that! This prevents crystallization in the bottle which could shift the wines pH and make the wine taste out of balance.


We have now bottled some of our wines including Petoskey Red and the new Marquette Reserve! We are also cleaning cleaning cleaning! This picture shows the steaming of a barrel. This helps to clean and sanitize barrels between uses. Rachel is shown cleaning a stainless steel tank to ensure it is ready for your 2021 vintage!


News From the Vineyard

Winter pruning has begun out in the vineyard. We prune each vine (there are about 5,000), each vine takes about 3 minutes, which means it takes approximately 250 hours to prune the entire vineyard!


Thank you for an unforgettable 2021! Cheers to a new year, making a lifetime of new memories at Petoskey Farms!

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