Halifax Fire Department Comes to Play During Field Day
Field Day is an event for students to enjoy themselves in a variety of games and events. With an invite from the Halifax Elementary School, the Halifax Fire Department jumped into the fun by creating their relay station where students were able to engage with a hose-line and run through the course with a rubber ax. The whole day was filled with laughter and enjoyment as teachers and staff joined in for a share of the activities.

Story: Angel Benjamin, BuzzAround Writing Intern, Brown University
Historical Tidbit:

School Transportation
[School Barge or a Pung]
The barge was a large wagon pulled by a team of horses or one large horse. The wagon would usually have a roof and sides with steps mounted on the back. The boys and girls would climb the steps and walk along a narrow aisle to find a seat along the sides. Perhaps the best time to ride the barge was during the fall when it was cool and the trees were bright with colors. They would often ask to stop to run out and pick some colored leaves to bring to the teacher. 

The pung pronounced “pun” was a sled type wagon used in the winter usually pulled by one horse. Usually the floor was spread with sweet smelling hay and a few robes (heavy blankets) were available for the children to use. When it was really cold, some of the children would bring heated bricks or soapstone wrapped in newspaper to be placed at their feet once they got on the pung. When everyone was on and settled they would all sit together with the blanket pulled up around their chins and the warm bricks or soapstone at their feet.

If it were too cold, some children would get off and run along side the slow moving barge to warm up.

During the months of March and April, school usually closed because of the very muddy roads. When the roads dried out enough to allow travel, school would reopen.

The barge was finally replaced by the combustion engine making transportation faster and more comfortable.
Respectfully submitted,
Sue Basile
Town Hall

Holmes Public Library

Council on Aging
506 Plymouth Street

Food Pantries
Halifax Congregational Church
503 Plymouth St. (Rt 106)
Tuesdays 2:30 - 4p
St Vincent De Paul
Our Lady of the Lake Church
580 Monponsett St, Halifax
(781) 293- 7971
2nd & 4th Saturday 9a
Deb Meredith
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Nonfiction Book Club

Wednesday June 21
470 Plymouth Street

Come discuss Stanley Tucci’s evocative memoir “Taste: My Life Through Food” at the Nonfiction Book Club this month! His intimate descriptions and charming personality will guide you through the actor’s personal life and experiences.

To learn more, visit the Holmes Public Library Newsletter.
 Farmers Market 

Saturdays: June 24, July 1, July 15, and July 29

Outdoor vendors & indoor vendors inside the Church Hall entrance in back of the church! There will be vendors with cards, wooden items, soaps, and many great bakers offering a wide variety of items!

We look forward to seeing all of you!
To learn more, call ​​(781) 336-9704.
Find application for vendors & more information at the Halifax Farmers Market.
Halifax Board of Selectmen
June 13, 2023
Video Courtesy of Halifax Area 58
Silver Lake Regional High School Committee Meeting
June 12, 2023
Video Courtesy of Halifax Area 58
Climate Can-Do: Start Your Own Garden

With summer and the warmer weather approaching, gardening is a fun project for your family and yourself to work on together. Whether you have a green thumb or not, gardening is a great and simple hobby to take up. It also has many benefits for yourself and the Earth.

All plants go through the process of photosynthesis, which is when plants intake water and the atmosphere's carbon dioxide. In return, the plant releases fresh oxygen for us to breath and enjoy. Therefore, more plants result in more oxygen, a crucial element our bodies need!

In addition to improving our environment, gardening is proven to improve your mental health as well. Gardening has been found to lower stress and anxiety levels, as well as increase mindfulness and gratification. The Mayo Clinic Health System Website states that "It's very gratifying to plant, tend, harvest and share your own food. Routines provide structure to our day and are linked to improved mental health. Gardening routines, like watering and weeding, can create a soothing rhythm to ease stress."

The National Agricultural Library Website has numerous resources from gardening tips to factsheets about every vegetable or flower you may be interested in planting. The website highlights that, "A well-kept vegetable garden is a source not only of profit to the gardener but of pleasure to the entire family."

This Climate Can-Do Article was written by Meghan Lotti, BuzzAround Writing Intern, Bridgewater State University. We focus on actions which individuals can do in the face of our climate emergency. We can do!
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Grants Rental
It's Party Time!

Giant Chess or Giant Checkers make a fun way for beginners to learn this traditional game of skill and cunning, and a totally new dimension to the game for established chess lovers.

Work smarter, not harder!

10 Bedford Park, Bridgewater
(508) 279-0950
Apply to Metro South Community
Leadership Program

Deadline is Friday, June 30

The Leadership Metro South Program is designed for individuals who are devoted to transformative leadership in the community. The program guides participants through an immersive year-long curriculum including expert panel discussions, virtual and on-site visits, presentations, focus groups, activities, and more.

To learn more and apply, click Metro South Leadership Program.
Lunch N Learn to
Play Chess

Thursday, June 22
506 Plymouth Street

Have you always wanted to learn chess? The Old Colony Elder Services is providing an opportunity to learn the game and socailize with friends. There will lunch offered as well. Learning brain games, such as chess, helps stimulate the brain and keep it active. No prior experience is required.

To reserve your seat, call (781)-293-7313.
Lolans Farm Brings
Raw Milk Back

With processed foods and GMO options taking over the food aisles, many are turning to more organic options and farm-sourced ingredients to feed themselves. As a result, the desire for cow's milk has increased, leading to Lolans Farm to start selling raw milk to customers. ediblesema.com/lolans-farm-raw-milk
Lolans Farm Brings Raw Milk Back to Plymouth County...

Lolans is one of only a few dairy farms left in Plymouth County and the only farm that sells its milk in raw form. Located on Route 105, Sam and Sue Shields milk 15 Holstein cows twice a day at 6a and 5p.

Read more
SL NHS Food Drive Success

The students of SLRHS National Honor Society organized a successful food drive that raised multiple food items for donation. In total, they obtained 284 pounds of food and $194 for the South Shore community Action Council’s food pantry. It is a wonderful accomplishment for both the students and the community members!

Massasoit Community College Free Training 

EKG Technician:
June 5 - August 19

EMT Basic Certification:
June 5 - August 19

Office Support Professional:
July 11 - August 20

For more information, call (508) 588-1509 or visit massasoit.edu/TrainingFund.
Join the Halifax Finance Committee

Forms Due Friday June 30

The Halifax Finance Committee is looking for a new volunteer member to serve on the committee and for the community. For those interested, submit a talent bank form in order to be considered for the vacant seat.

To learn more,
Halifax Fireworks Celebration

Saturday July 1, 5p

It’s that time of the year again to celebrate Independence Day with the community! Join us for the annual Halifax Fireworks Celebration, where there will be a huge variety of activities happening throughout the day. There will be daytime activities on the Town Green from 11a - 2p in which we will be at the Farmers Market with cookie decorating, face painting, t-shirts for sale, corn hole, and other surprise activities. Later, food truck vendors will be open at 5p and music will be provided by a DJ, along with other fun engagements. The fireworks show will start at 9:15p sharp so be there!
To learn more, visit Halifax Fireworks FB.
SLRHS Graduates Set Off for the Future

Congratulations to the SLRHS Graduates of 2023! On Friday, June 2, the seniors of Silver Lake Regional High School took their last steps onto the stage and walked off with their hard-earned diplomas. With inspiring speeches from students and faculty alike, the ceremony was a community celebration as friends and family cheered on and their loved ones seized their moment. Decked in their red and white, the young seniors seemed excited and ready to start the next chapter of their lives. We wish them luck on all of their endeavors!

Story Credit: Angel Benjamin, BuzzAround Writing Intern, Brown University
Photo Credits: SL Class of 2023 IG
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Wisdom of Tolerance

Sometimes, the hardest thing we do is be tolerant. It helps me to remember that no one person or group has the keys to all the wisdom.

Human beings are complex. There is always something we can learn from one- another. If we shut ourselves down to receiving ideas from a person, we cut our selves off from their wisdom.

“Tolerance isn't about not having beliefs. It's about how your beliefs lead you to treat people who disagree with you.” ~ Timothy Keller

“I do not like what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” ~ attributed to Voltaire 

"If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships - the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together, in the same world at peace." ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the wrong. Sometime in life you will have been all of these.” ~ George Washington Carver

“No boundary or barrier surrounds the heart of a person that loves their self and others.”
~ Shannon L. Alder
Tolerance does not imply acceptance. It means we proceed with our disagreement with respect.
Enjoy your week, folks. ~ Jacquie
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