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Volume 3, Issue 8
Wisconsin Promise: Staying Connected with Youth and Families

Ellie's Updates
Ellie Hartman, Project Manager
Wisconsin Promise Family Advocates have been reaching out and knocking on doors of the Promise youth and families we had lost contact with (many of these youth and families are located in the urban areas of Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Madison, Janesville, and Beloit). Family Advocates are finding and meeting with these youth and families and helping to reconnect them to their Promise DVR Counselor, so they can again receive the services and supports to help them meet their education and employment goals. Also, Promise DVR Consumer Case Coordinators  have started mailing out postcards once a month to youth and families we had lost touch with. Within days of the first mailing we were able to reconnect with four of the Promise youth and families we had lost touch with. The impact of Wisconsin Promise depends on making a difference in the lives of all Wisconsin Promise youth and families. The more impact we can have with more youth and their family members, the more we will be able to demonstrate how Wisconsin Promise Services and Supports can help to increase participants' education, employment, and financial self-sufficiency. Learn more about Wisconsin Promise participants....

Promise Event

Promise Financial Coach, James Hall (pictured), discussed with Promise Participants how to create a budget, needs vs. wants, and how to read a credit repair. This was a part of a Wisconsin Promise 2-part "Make Your Money Talk" financial education series held July 19th and 21st in Racine. Visit to discover more valuable training and resources! 
You Are Able

Most government benefit programs have strict qualifying guidelines for income and asset limits. It's easy to see how this could cause a person with a disability and their family to remain in poverty. Two thousand dollars is the limit for most with assets. Assets could include savings, property and cars. If you cross that magic line, you may put your benefits at risk. How can you plan and save money to better your situation if you get penalized for good money habits? Read Here
Promise for Parents and Family

Self-awareness and self-advocacy are keys to future success. Learn about advocacy for yourself and your teen here.
Promise for Teen Participants

You have the power to create your own future. As you move from being a teenager to an adult, you begin to make more choices about your future. Tell us how we can help you here
Meet Our Family Advocates 

Delores Sallis, Milwaukee, WI; WDA 2 & 3
Delores has passion for people with special needs. She is a disability advocate, board member for the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities, a Milwaukee Public Schools Special Education Liaison for families (S.E.L.F.), and a Family Advocate for Wisconsin Promise.

Meet more Promise advocates Here
Steering Committee Profile Members and Emails

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