Winterizing your equipment
Tips for storing your hydraulic submersible pump so when your pump is needed you'll be ready to go
  • Clean any dirt and debris from the pump head
  • Check the hose tails and quick disconnects for damage
  • Release any pressure trapped in the quick disconnects thus leaving room for expansion
  • Remove hydraulic motor and inspect motor lip seal
  • Remove top cover from volute and inspect wear parts (order worn parts as needed)
  • Check the bearing housing oil level and the condition of the oil
  • Store pump in vertical position 



Preparin g your power unit for cold weather usage/storage
  • If your unit uses diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and you plan tostore your unit for the winter you will need to winterize the system,  DEF freezes at 12° and expands by 7%.
  • Switch your fuel to the winter blend to prevent the fuel from gelling, there are also plenty of additives available
  • Replace your fuel filters
  • Check your coolant level,  make sure the engine coolant will work in your expected winter temperature
  • Top off your fuel and hydraulic levels to prevent condensation
  • Change the hydraulic oil and filter and don't forget to clean the suction filter at the bottom of the reservoir
  •  If you choose not to change the hydraulic oil, it should be sampled for condition and water contamination
  • Check all the hoses for cracks and chafing
  • Charge and disconnect batteries
  • Check and adjust your belts
  • Check tire condition and pressure
  • Check the nuts and bolts for your guarding
  • Clean out the hydraulic oil cooler and radiator and hose off the unit
  • Replace any worn or unreadable placards
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