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Our main focus in Florida is continuing to assist in disaster relief efforts. In addition to homes directly impacted by the weather, we also work with local community organizations, such as food banks and after school programs that struggle to meet the increased needs of their clients and constituents.

The San Antonio Immigration Project will focus on connecting with folks in immigrant communities, understanding the collaborative community approaches that address their needs. Volunteers will engage with community members and organizations in hands-on projects in San Antonio. Through hands-on engagement with local organizers volunteers will learn about issues of education access, economic development, food justice, and human rights, and how they intersect with immigration and justice in US border communities.

Read about the  importance of service and its impact on Puerto Rico
Students dedicating their time off to working with communities in need bucks the labels and stereotypes of selfishness thrown at young people. And it’s part of a larger trend in the United States that’s slowly grown over the past 25 years: students using time off to serve in a way that builds community engagement, empathy, and leadership...

...“The work they’ve done in two days would take us about 1-1/2 or two weeks to complete,” says Antonio Bulnes, a reserve staff member working with the students. The nongovernmental organization Para La Naturaleza, which manages the reserve, has a goal of planting 1 million trees in the wake of the storm. “Since María, we’ve needed more help than usual,” says Mr. Bulnes.

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