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Wayland Winter Farmers' Market

Saturdays: 10:30 AM - 2:00 PM

January 6 - March 9, 2024

Welcome to the 15th season of the Wayland Winter Farmers' Market!

We have only two weeks remaining in our Winter season!

We have expanded the number of vendors participating this year to include

90+ vendors (55-60 per week). Vendors will be located outdoors under cover,

in greenhouses, and indoors spread throughout the lower level of

Russell's Garden Center.

Outdoor seating is available for you to enjoy baked goods,

beverages and prepared foods from several vendors.

Why not invite a friend to join you?

Check our website for updates that might occur between the

time that you receive this email and the opening of the market on Saturday.

To find out which vendors are attending each week sign up for the

Wayland Winter Farmers' Market email.

(In order to seeing the entire message, click on 'View Entire Message' at the bottom.)

Maps will be available at the Information desk in the Plant Shop and at the SNAP desk.

Feel free to print them at home or take a photo to help us/you save paper.

Map details are subject to change, so check the latest version when you arrive.

Upcoming Event: Farm Fiber Day

Sunday, March 3 - 10:30 to 3:00

57 fiber vendors + 13 food/beverage vendors.

Look for yarn, roving, fleeces, spinning fiber, and finished items, sheep

and bunnies, spinning on wheels and drop spindles, and sock making

machine demonstrations.

All the details can be found HERE.

Gudrun Johnston and Mary Jane Mucklestone will join us with their

new book Grand Shetland Adventure Knits

Would you like to learn how to use a drop spindle?

Penny Lacroix will teach a Drop Spindle Spinning class from 1 to 3 PM 

on March 3, during Farm Fiber Day.

For additional details:


"Agriculture is alive and well in Massachusetts. About 95% of the state’s

7,200 farms are family owned and operated. Greenhouses, nurseries, garden centers and cranberries dominate the commodity output in Massachusetts. Aquaculture accounts for a large part of state agriculture, as well, mostly from oyster and quahog production." - Farm Flavor

A guide to Massachusetts’ farms, food and commerce, Massachusetts Grown is published in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources and features stories about the state’s top crops, livestock, agribusiness, tourism, food safety and local products.

Mass Grown...and Fresher!

Help Red Fire Farm Recover from Barn & Store Fire

"We lost our beautiful barn and farm store to a fire on Saturday February 17th. 

This building was home to our farm share members CSA pickups since the 

beginning, our Pick Your Own, our year round farm store, lots of equipment, 

and big farm parties, tastings and events for the community.

We are so grateful that no one was injured in the fire. The barn was a beautiful piece

of Granby’s agricultural history, built at the end of the chestnut era with amazing 

beams, irreplaceable.  Fortunately this winter most of our stored produce is at 

our other (Montague) farm location and our greens greenhouses survived.

Now is a good time to visit us at winter markets to support the farm. And we 

plan to grow lots of organic food this year! " - excerpt from the GoFundMe page.

We will be collecting donations for Red Fire Farm at the SNAP desk (see map)

this week, or you can make donations directly at their booth at the Market.

3 Bee's Protein Bites

Most of the mass-produced “energy” bars and supplements on the market contain a lot of nuts and gluten as well as added sugar. 3Bee's Protein Bites©, are made with no peanuts, tree nuts, or gluten and only a touch of raw honey is added for sweetness. Our recipe is simple and each bite, hand-rolled with love, is a healthy, allergy-friendly, and protein-packed treat that satisfies hunger and gives a boost of energy when you need it the most. 

Aaronap Cellars

Aaronap Cellars is a micro-winery located in Westford, MA. We focus on producing small volume, innovative, artisanal wines from the best vineyards and orchards in New England and beyond.


Choose the Farm Market Pickup option.

Select "Wayland Farmers Market" as the pickup location. Deadline: Friday, 9 PM

Angry Honey

Angry Honey specializes in infused local wildflower honey in 5 flavors: Original (Habanero), Cinnamon/Vanilla Bean/, Elderberry/Lavendar, Hanbanero/Smoked Ghost Pepper and Ginger/Lemon Zest offer tremendous flavor.

Azuluna Foods

Regeneratively produced Chicken Bone Broth from local farms in New England.

︎Made from heritage pasture-raised chickens. This slow-growing breed is

raised foraging in the Azuluna Pastures.

︎Full of clean and sustainably sourced ingredients. Featuring organic vegetables and herbs, it's from-scratch, restaurant-quality, can't-get-enough good.

︎Nutrient-dense with 14g of protein and 8g of collagen, it supports gut, joint, and skin health. Light, energizing at 70 calories.

Bagel Alley

Plain, Sesame, Health, Poppy, Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Everything, Cinnamon Raisin, Onion, Garlic, Pumpernickel, Salt,

Spinach & Herb, Very Berry, Blueberry, 

Energy Bar. 

Deadline: Friday, noon

Beckah's Bangin' Butter

Bangin' Butter is unsweetened, low-carb, gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free and packed with protein. Our almonds are dry-roasted and organic.

Try our Bangin' Butter Bars: Coconut, Cranberry, Cinnamon and Chocolate Chip.

Deadline: Friday, midnight

Bell & Goose

Anna Cantelmo founded Bell & Goose Cheese Co after dedicating over a decade to honing the art of artisan cheese craftsmanship.

With a passion for quality and a commitment to tradition, Anna's vision has brought forth a range of cheeses that are a testament to her expertise and unwavering dedication to the craft.

Betta Bakes

More than two decades of gluten free baking led to what is now “Betta Bakes”, which has evolved to a bustling small business that delights snackers of all backgrounds. They’re safe for the gluten, nut, dairy and soy-free communities, and a delicious alternative to the mass-produced crackers taking up all the space on store shelves.

Blisspoint Meadery **new vendor

In addition to our standard mead styles, we also offer a line of lower alcohol carbonated meads for people looking for something a little lighter. Try Radius Zero, made with honey from our bees in Bedford. For Valentines Day, we are featuring Nibs, our chocolate mead made with cacao nibs from a local area chocolate maker.

Boston Smoked Fish Company

Nova Lox, Ragin' Cajun Smoked Salmon,

Salmon Bacon, Simply Smoked Salmon, Smoked Bluefish Pâté, Smoked Haddock Chunks, Smoked Salmon Pâté, Smoked Sockeye, Smoked Steelhead Trout Pâté and don't forget the salmon burgers!

Deadline: Friday, 5 PM

Bread Obsession

"We are a woman-owned and operated artisan bread company. We make the best baguettes in Boston, as well as classic European-style ryes, bagels, and naturally leavened crusty sourdoughs."

Bread: Cinnamon Swirl, Brioche, Chocolate Brioche, Flaxseed Rye, Mainegrains, Organic Sandwich Loaf, Durum Levain, Lexington Sourdough, Tzitzel Deli Rye, Multigrain Sunflower.

Baguettes, Bagels, Cardamom Buns, Cinnamon Buns.

Burke Hill Farm

Burke Hill Farm will join us for 40 minutes (10:35 to 11:15).

Use this link to place your order for organic wild blueberries:

The farm is located in Cherryfield, Maine. The truck will be parked in the back parking lot near the other food trucks.

Butternut Bakehouse

Menu: Morning buns, Cretzels, Croissants, 

Pain au Chocolat, Chocolate Bouchon,

Grapefruit Poppyseed Cake slices, Almond Rocher, Lovely Chocolate Chip Cookie,

Blackberry Crumble Danish, Almond Croissant, Chocolate Almond Croissant,

Molasses Ginger Cookie, Apple Almond Galette.

Congratulations to owner Susana Samad on the opening of Butternut's second location at 49-51 Leonard Street in Belmont!

C & C Lobsters and Fish

Pick up a fresh caught lobster, haddock, halibut, cod, sea scallops, swordfish, sushi grade tuna, trout, Atlantic salmon, wild salmon, Arctic char, shrimp, lobster meat and crab meat. 


Deadline: Friday, 6 PM

Carr's Ciderhouse

We will be bringing the first of our natural dry ciders to be ready from the fall 2023 pressings- it's a delicious and dry wild apple cider.

We have two cider vinegars for your dressings and sauces - our classic ACV and a special reserve that has been aged close to 4 years!

We are very excited to share our farm grown cornmeal - our Cherokee White Corn is light and exceptionally delicious.

Chase Hill Farm & Creamery

"We will bring 100% grass fed beef, pastured pork fed grain and whey, and pastured chicken fed organic grain.

We make our cheese from our own 100% grass-fed certified organic raw cow's milk. Hand-crafted in small batches, our artisan cheese is cave-aged on the farm in Hardwick."

Preorder: Email:

Deadline: Thursday, 8 PM

Craic Sauce

Craic Sauce is a hot sauce company in Lowell, run and owned by Brian Ruhlman. 

Sourcing local ingredients to a long age fermentation process, we pride ourselves on taking the longer road in creating unique, nutritious and flavorful hot sauces

Our four hot sauce flavors offer a wide range of flavors. Heat: Very mild with 40 Shades of Green, to mild/medium with the the Mill City Red, to medium to hot with The Golden Pumpkin and Brian Boru's Curry.

Deano's Pasta  ***CASH ONLY

We are fourth generation local pasta makers in Somerville. we have been making artisan noodles, raviolis, and sauces since 1947. Our pastas and sauces are all natural, non-gmo, locally handcrafted and hand packed to assure the highest quality. Deano’s Pasta uses our signature 100% semolina dough and we work in small batches daily in Somerville. Fresh frozen pastas, raviolis, tortellini, sauces, pestos and dry pastas.

Del Sur Empanadas

Fabiola's (Chase Hill Farm beef & cheese).

NMC (chicken, poblanos, cheddar & corn).

X-K (ham & cheese)

Green Power (spinach, cream cheese & hard boiled eggs - Vegetarian.

Sweet Me (caramelized onions & goat cheese - Vegetarian.)

Bolivian Peas (sofrito mixed with poblanos, corn & garbanzos - Vegan.)

Argentine style empanadas.

Doris' Peruvian Pastries

Alfajores, Coconut Alfajores, Alfajores Dipped in Dark Chocolate, Cocades (macaroons - gluten free) Rosquitas (cookies w/anise seed), Orejitas (small elephant ears) and Milhojas (pastry dough in layers filled in layers with Dulce de Leche), Strawberry Puff and Pionono.

(in notes: "for pick up at Wayland F Mkt")

Deadline: Thursday, noon

Farmer Foodie

Introducing your kitchen's newest bestie, Farmer Foodie Cashew Parm.

It's deliciously vegan and versatile!

Elevate your dishes with our Golden Chedda and Italian Herb Cashew Parm flavors.

Our Parm is packed with flavor, stemming from creamy organic cashews, and enriched with B vitamins and essential nutrients. Unleash your culinary creativity with generous sprinkles of our Parm on your favorite pasta, pizza, vegetable, and even popcorn dishes.

Flores de Café

The coffee you purchase has gone from the tree to the final product in days: hand-picking the beans and roasting all happens on our small farm. 

Enjoy and cup of coffee while you stroll through the market!


Deadline: Tuesday 8 PM

Foss Farms

"It’s the little things that let us craft the perfect sauce. A sauce so clean and so simple, we’re proud of every jar we make. 

There are only five ingredients in our marinara - no sugar added, gluten free, vegan and low sodium."

Fräulein's Bakery

"We use all organic, non GMO, fair trade ingredients, sourced locally if possible, to bring out the authentic and traditional flavors of Germany and Europe. Handcrafted in small batches. Kekse, Tarts, Kuchen, Gebaeck and Strudel. Special Orders are available.

Deadline: Thursday, 11 AM

From Jean With Love

Growing up, I have fond memories of a hot fudge dessert topping my mother made to the rave reviews.

I support local businesses, sourcing the cocoa and cream used in my toppings from small local suppliers and farms—the result: A balanced sweetness and an ultra-creamy texture.

Fully Rooted

Fully Rooted is a raw cold-pressed juice company in Rhode Island which brings awareness, health and vitality to the consumer one glass of juice at a time. The body is capable of not only healing itself but also can prevent health conditions as well with proper balance and nutrition of mind, body and spirit.

Juice, juice shots and kombucha.

Golden Rule Honey

All of the honeys we sell at Golden Rule Honey are raw, unfiltered, and never heated above the temperature inside the beehive. Besides killing naturally occurring enzymes, heat destroys the esters of the plant nectars that give honeys their complex flavors. 

Each of the honeys that Golden Rule Honey offers represent a different geographical area that produces different plants with unique nectars, thus uniquely tasting and textured honeys. 

Grateful Tastes

Our mission is to bring delicious hyper 

local New England grown produce from 

all seasons and harvests, to our consumers families and into their homes. 

Each of our versatile, small batch family recipes are crafted with freshly picked, seasonally available produces, certified organic cane sugar, and an all natural & vegan pectin.

We also offer our raw honey, and pure New England maple syrup.

Preorder: Email

Deadline: Friday, noon

Great Harvest Bread

Bread to choose from includes: Apple Pie, Brushchetta Twist, Cheddar Garlic, Cinnamon Chip Swirl, Dakota, Honey

Whole Wheat, Pepperoni and

Old Fashioned White.

Pick up scones, cookies and baking mixes, too!


Deadline: Friday, 6 PM

GRIA Food Company

GRIA sources only the best Organic and Fairtrade produce from the continent of Africa, supports agricultural development in the regions we source from, and brings delicious snacks directly to our customers.

They currently offer a range of delicious cashew snacks, from traditional favorites

to bold and exciting flavors.

Choose from Roasted Plain, Roasted Salted, Hot Honey, Cinnamon Sugar,

Spicy Garlic and Rosemary Salted


GRIA wast recently featured in the Boston Globe Food section, "These cashews don't just taste good. They help farmers earn a living and pay fair wages."

HAPI African Gourmet

We are on the mission to help mainstream African style foods in the United States. 

Our spice blends are made with sun kissed spices, fruits, and seeds sustainably harvested from the deep forests of Cameroon and other West African countries. Our peanut sauce is a great pairing for many items in any food pantry.

Kim Gregory/Pure Pastry

The essence of pure pastry was born from that desire to bake a chocolate chip cookie and embrace it for its simplicity. 

There is power in the pure, natural, and honest. Our company speaks for itself - pure pastry is pure love.

Deadline: Thursday, 11 AM

Lilac Hedge Farm

We believe in community, food raised with integrity, and being good stewards of the land. We are devoted to farming our way because we believe that the earth’s most delicious, healthiest foods are created when farmers work in harmony with nature.

Click on the "Start Shopping" tab.

Deadline: Wednesday, 11:59 PM

Luluna Kombucha

Luluna Kombucha, made in Providemce. RI, is micro-brewed with fresh organic ingredients and the fruit and herbs are always local when in season.

Flavors: Blue Ginger, Elderflower Grapefruit, Strawberry Fields, Hibiscus Lemonade and Solar Eclipse, Black Ginger Hibiscus..

Mahalab Bakery

Mahalab Bakery offers artisanal Mediterranean products with a twist:

Mediterranean Savory Baked goods ( Fatayer and Sfia), Flatbread( Focaccia verity, Lavash and Pita), Savory Spreads and Mediterranean spices.

Our baked goods are naturally fermented and filled with quality ingredients. 

Established in December 2019, we strive to indulge the Greater Boston area with a new taste of savory baked goods.

Meadowfed Lamb

We are very happy to have Rachel and Matt from Meadowfed Lamb return on Saturday.

Look for: yarn naturally dyed and undyed, wool sponges, eggs, lamb (chops, roasts, offal, sausages), chicken (whole chickens, halves, prices i.e. wings, drumsticks, boneless breast, etc.) and chicken livers, necks and feet.

Also from the farm: frozen blueberries

and sheepskins when available.

Mei Mei Dumplings

"Farm-Focused. Woman-Owned: We’re a dumpling business that strives to be a good company in every sense of the word. That’s why we source our ingredients carefully and put our community at the center of everything we do."

Check out the new, easier for storage packaging and assorted flavors.

"Visit our Dumpling Factory, Café and Classroom in South Boston!"

Mother's Kitchen

Our marsala allows anyone to quickly make delicious, authentic, and healthy homemade curries that taste like they have been cooking for hours. Most Indian restaurants pour on the cream and butter to make their food taste better. Homemade Indian curries take time to slowly develop the flavors that make them both delicious and healthy. Frozen Indian masalas (6 types), dry Indian spice mixes (4 types).

At Mother’s Kitchen, we do most of the work, so you can shine.

Mycoterra Farm

*** vendor is a HIP provider

Mycoterra Farm from Deerfield, Massachusetts will be with us every week with fresh mushrooms, mushroom 

kits, tinctures, soap and beauty products.

Deadline: Thursday, midnight

North Brook Farm

As temperatures drop, the insulative properties of alpaca are apprieciated.

We have a variety of alpaca items to help keep you warm and beat the rising costs

of heating your home. at the Wayland Farmers' Mkt)

Deadline: Friday, noon

Nutty Bird Granola

Handcrafted and baked in small batches. No filler, just quality ingredients that when combined still taste fresh and natural.

Flavors: Original, Blueberry Vanilla, Cinnamon Cranberry, Choco-Nutty and No Nutty granola.

On the Edge Knife Sharpening

I specialize in hand sharpening kitchen knives (serrated and straight edge, as well as Japanese knives). I also hand sharpen scissors, including dog grooming shears, utility scissors, garden tools, other pet grooming tools - sheep shears and other edges. I no longer do saws, axes, or pocket knives.

My tools include a whetstone, ceramics and different types of polishing stones.

Piping Plover Baking

Erin Silvia grew up baking by her grandmother’s side. Her grandmother, Martha not only taught her to bake, but also the importance of touching people’s lives through baking. She chose to bake everything both gluten free and vegan so that more people can enjoy pastry in their every day lives.

Look for breakfast pastries, cookies, bars, galettes, pies, tarts, granola and baking mixes.

Red Fire Farm

*** vendor is a HIP provider

"At Red Fire Farm, we’ve been growing with certified organic practices since we opened in 2001.The farm produces a wide diversity of vegetables, flowers, fruit."

Enjoy fresh lettuce, lettuce mix, spinach, kale and other greens

Pick up jam, popcorn, pickles, tomato sauce and frozen fruit.

Samira's Homemade

Grape leaves (regular or spicy) and dips with freshly cut market vegetables make a fast and healthy meal.

Samira's dips include Hummus, Hummus Plus, Baba Gannoush, Muhammara, Labne & Zeitoun. Bring home Spinach Pie and Vegetable Kibbe.

Say Cheese Food Truck

Say Cheese is going to be with us every week, plus the Sunday Farm Fiber Day

on March 3.

They are a family owned and operated grilled cheese food trailer that caters to any type of event you can think of! 

Based out of Worcester they are happy to travel all over New England making gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches with the cheesiest and most fresh ingredients.

Smith's Country Cheese

Shop for milk, cheese and butter!

"Each day, our family is committed to providing the best care for our cows, making quality cheeses for our customers, and taking care of the environment that has given us so much. We invite you to experience the delightful difference in true local, farmstead cheese."

"Here at Smith’s, old fashioned family traditions and hard work are combined to produce our Farmstead Cheeses.

Our Gouda rivals any made in the Netherlands."

Still Life Farm

*** vendor is a HIP provider

Resting on the historical Hardwick Poor Farm c.1850, we are reinvigorating tired pasture land into fruitful orchards, small fruit and vegetable fields. "We believe in wildlife stewardship and conservation, and our conscientious approach assures our customers the highest quality produce."

Still Life enhances the market with top quality fresh vegetables and fruit!

Tex Mex Eats

Amanda takes pride in her "Texachusetts" flavors that combine Mexican dishes with local ingredients.

Handmade Tamales (Traditional Pork, Bean & Cheese, Farmers Vegan), Fresh Salsas, Chili Beans (Beef or Vegan), and Cheese Enchiladas.

Deadline: Friday, 3 PM

The Bone Sauce

"The Bone Sauce is proud say we back in Wayland for our first Wayland Winter Farmers Market. We'll have bottles of your favorite National Award Winning sauce,

and we're selling six grilled to perfection chicken wings slathered in The Bone Sauce. Yes, grilled and slathered on-site! These delectable wings will come alongside one complimentary two-ounce portion of your choice of Blue Cheese or Ranch dressings. Trust and believe you want to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity! It's not every day you get to experience the traditional sauce, fully prepared, that won the National Chicken Wing Festival competition in 2017."

The Hyve

We source from farms near you. Buying ingredients we smell, touch, wash, peel, slice, cut, roll, stir, roast, poach, grill, smoke, sift, whisk, roll, brush, and bake. 

Look for The Hyve in a new location - the big houseplant greenhouse!

Deadline: Thursday, 5 PM

We also offer Home Delivery

Uncle Joey's Cannoli

"Our primary goal is and always will be to exceed our customer’s expectations by utilizing high quality ingredients and offering exceptional service!"

Since 2018, Uncle Joey’s Cannoli has been providing a delicious variety of fresh filled cannoli for farmers’ markets, festivals, town fairs and private functions such as weddings, birthdays, corporate events and much more.

Urban Pharm

A shrub (also known as drinking vinegar)

is a concentrate made of plants,

sweetener, and vinegar intended to be added to beverages.

At Urban Pharm, we use the best and as close to the source ingredients: raw honey, fruit, botanicals, and raw apple cider vinegar from Maine’s oldest operating organic apple orchard, to create shrubs that are refreshing, beautiful, and healthy.

We Grow Microgreens

*** vendor is a HIP provider

The Boston, Massachusetts based urban farm ​specializes in growing highly nutritious microgreens and edible flowers using organic and sustainable growing practices. Micorgreens are valued for their high nutritional value and can provide strong flavors, bright colors and interesting textures as garnishes for salads or entrees.

West River Creamery

CHEESE 2 year Cambridge, 4 year Reserve Cambridge, Middletown Blue, Steel Wheel,

Marinated Feta, Marinated Fresh Chevre


Maple Bourbon, Garlic, Horseradish, Hot Pepper, Vermont Dark Ale, Spicy Brown, Cranberry

PICKLES Bread & Butter, Dill, Beets, Carrots, Fennel & Onion, Corn Relish.

Preorder: TEXT 802-375-4796 Email:

5% discount for preorders.

Deadline: Thursday 4 PM.

Winter Moon Roots

"From December to March, Farmer Rosendo Santizo of Winter Moon Roots offers premium quality, organic carrots, beets, parsnips, turnips, and radishes.

The farm’s storage facility requires minimal electricity and that which it does use, is provided for 100% by solar power." - CISA

The farm is located in Hadley, MA.

Yummy Mummy Bakery

Melissa Roiter grew up surrounded by good food. Her mother, now a yummy

gran-mummy, was a caterer, her aunt,

a chocolatier and her grandmother,

an amazing at-home baker. 

It was Grandma Irene who passed on to Melissa her famous, unique and always a crowd pleasing, chocolate brownie recipe. 

Weekly SNAP Match available
We are able to double your available SNAP benefits weekly up to $15. That means when you will receive $30 in tokens, only $15 will be deducted from your card.

How can I find out if I’m eligible for SNAP?Visit the DTA Connect Screening Tool. Apply online at See the list vendors participating below.
Our thanks to The Village Bank for funding the SNAP Match program.

If you are a SNAP household you are automatically enrolled in HIP (Healthy Incentives Program) You receive $1 for each dollar you spend on eligible fruits and vegetables, 

up to a monthly limit with vendors processing HIP.

If you are shopping from a HIP vendor, go directly to the vendor. SNAP 

tokens can be purchased at the Potting Shed, as shown on the market map.

Please note that this list includes all vendors participating in the program for the season.

Not all are with us each week, so please consult the list above to see

who will be with us each week.

SNAP/HIP Vendors participating this season:

++ accepts SNAP **processes HIP directly with shoppers

++ Angry Honey

++ Baer's Best Farm

++Beckah's Bangin' Butter

++Berry Good Baked Goods

++ Boston Smoked Fish Company

++ Bread Obsession

++Burke Hill Farm

++ Butternut Bakehouse

++ C & C Lobsters and Fish

++ Chase Hill Farm & Creamery

++Craic Sauce

++Del Sur Empanadas

++ Doris' Peruvian Pastries

++Flores de Café

++Fräulein's Bakery

++ Grateful Tastes

++ Great Harvest Bread

++HAPI African Gourmet

++ Jaju Pierogi

++Kim Gregory/Pure Pastry 

++ Lilac Hedge Farm

++Luluna Kombucha

++Luz Apiaries

++Meadowfed Lamb

++ Mei Mei Dumplings

++ Mother's Kitchen

**Mycoterra Farm 

++Nutty Bird Granola


++ Piping Plover Baking Company

** Red Fire Farm

++ Samira's Homemade

** Still Life Farm

++ Tex Mex Eats

++ The Bagel Table 

++The Farmer's Daughter

++ The Hyve 

++ The Roasted Granola

++Uncle Joey's Cannoli

++Urban Pharm

 ++ Valicenti Pasta Farm

 **We Grow Microgreens

++West River Creamery/Old School Kitchen 

++ Winter Moon Roots

Pick up a complimentary copy of the Edible Boston Winter Issue.
Our sponsor, Russell's Garden Center welcomes dogs in the store. However, during Market hours, the Wayland Board
of Health asks that we keep all pets from visiting. Thank you for your understanding.

The Wayland Winter Farmers' Market takes place

weekly on Saturdays from 10:30 AM to 2 PM,

January 6 through March 9, 2024. The Sunday Farm Fiber Days take place on January 21 and March 3, with extended hours: 10:30 - 3:00.

Russell's Garden Center

397 Boston Post Road 

Wayland, MA 01778