February 24, 2016 - Catch up on the latest news from CAARI!

Here is a preview of CAARI's bright new face. As you can see, the renovation of the library truly opens a new chapter in CAARI's life. The work is almost finished, and we're planning the ceremonies for its dedication.
Y'all come! 

On 10 June 2016, exactly twenty-five years to the day since it moved into its gracious home at 11 Andreas Dimitriou Street, CAARI will inaugurate its newly expanded library. This will be a big, festive event, with prominent guests. The President of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiades, will join distinguished representatives from Cyprus itself and many other countries to celebrate CAARI's success.

CAARI's Director, Dr. Andrew McCarthy invites you to our inauguration party: 

Hello from Nicosia, where work on the Library Expansion Project is coming to a close! This has added two brand-new underground stories of fully climate-controlled space, which will permanently address the crucial shelving and storage needs of our ever-expanding library. 
In the process of expanding, we updated the entire building, from a new roof, through rehabilitated laboratories, to a state-of-the-art fire and intruder security. And we've made the main floor handicapped accessible. The historic stonework on the facade has been restored and the courtyard enhanced with lovely indigenous flora.  This will truly be the beginning of a new era in CAARI's history. It has all been made possible by the generosity of loyal friends.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we invite you to join us for our Library Inauguration event on 10 June 2016. This is 25 years to the day (!) since the inauguration of our premises at 11 Andreas Dimitriou Street. Save that date! There are more details to come - distinguished guests, much food and drink, and gifts for all to remember the day.


And don't forget that with expanded facilities come the expanded needs of larger, more ambitious, and more technologically sophisticated institution. We will have an even greater need for friends and supporters, to help keep us going strong as a 21st-century institute.

Dr. Andrew McCarthy, CAARI Director  


Whether You Can Come or Not, You Can Send a Gift!

February 2016: CAARI's fine contractor reviewing the glass and steel fa├žade and handicapped access to the library.
We'd love to have you at the party! But whether you can attend or not, you can give CAARI a gift.We have finished the construction. But there is still a lot ahead of us as we furnish the space.

What scholar doesn't crave a place on CAARI's shelves?
$50.00 will buy us a shelf.

Give CAARI a book! Give one of your own, or a new one:
$100.00 will buy a new publication.

Help CAARI house its rare books and special materials well:
$500.00 will provide a lock-box for rare books.

Buy a periodical. These are CAARI's heaviest costs:
$1000.00 a year will maintain a periodical subscription.
Library Construction
CAARI is a dynamic institution! Remember when the new library looked like this?
October 2014: Excavating for the new library extension
CAARI has a seen remarkable history of growth. In less than forty years, it has moved from an apartment on King Paul Street to its colonial-era home on Andreas Dimitriou Street, and onward to the present completion of the first major renovation of a listed historic building in the city of Nicosia.

February 2016: Rebuilding the Front Wall and Steps 

In the coming weeks this spring, we'll plant the garden that so many friends helped us with:

Coming soon: palm and jacaranda trees, climbing plants, furniture
But more lies ahead: by the time of the Library Inauguration party in June, we must furnish the new, underground space. We hope that you can help us reach that goal, with a generous contribution for shelving, storage facilities, and research resources at:
All of this is possible because of CAARI's wonderful and generous friends. We thank you so sincerely, for gifts in the past, and for continued support of CAARI's ongoing work. 
CAARI Newsletters Are Online

Number 46 of CAARI News is online if you'd like to read more about our underground library expansion project.

You can find it at caari.org/newsletter.html.

Thank you for helping to enhance CAARI as a vibrant and beautiful center of scholarship on Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean.  With your gift, you are helping CAARI realize Cyprus' historic role as a crossroads of peoples and a mediator of cultures.

Annemarie Weyl Carr
Vice President, CAARI Board