Winter Wonderland
Next Christmas in the Cariboo 

Starting from our opening weekend April 30th, 2016 we will be open 365 days of the year. Winter activities will include Christmas in the Cariboo weekend, New Year's eve festivities, jingle bell sleigh rides pulled by our gorgeous draft team; cross country skiing, ice skating, and so much more. What a wonderful way to spend Christmas: let us supply the holiday cheer!
Cabin Upgrade

Your favourite Flying U Cabins kept all their rustic charm, but got a little facelift. We've ordered all new bedding for each and every cabin, adding just a touch of comfort to the classic camps.

Ten cabins will be outfitted with gas fireplaces for the colder fall nights in anticipation of our extended season. These, along with many little surprises we just know you'll love, make this sure to be your most comfortable stay yet.

The Flying U Spa

We are pleased to announce the launch of our spa program. While this project remain underway into the summer months, we will be offering an array of services from opening weekend. Stay tuned for more updates on our program and facilities.  
Overnight Trail Rides

We're introducing a new way to get even more out of the horse experience at the Flying U. Optional camping under the stars, line camp style, with an experienced lead wrangler. Gourmet camp meals over an open fire. Sleep with the horses like the cowboys used to.    
Herd Update 

The Flying U herd has settled into their winter pasture and begun growing their shaggy coats. Everyone has fattened up and hunkered down for the snowy Cariboo winter; horses are all in good health and looking forward to the return of their friends at opening weekend.
Equine Assisted Wellness

The benefit of animals in social development has long been recognized by health, psychiatric, and educational professionals alike. Horses have the ability to reduce stress, they teach us empathy, leadership and about effective communication; they can break down trust barriers, and promote self confidence.

From children to adults, family units to couples, even the most well -rounded individuals will benefit from an equine partnership. The range of beneficiaries is endless, and we are excited to incorporate Equine Assisted Wellness principles into our programs at Flying U Ranch.
Equine Courses Available

We offer a range of Equine Assisted Learning, Personal Development, Corporate and Professional Development courses, as well as leadership and team building classes for any sized group down to individuals.

On top of EAPD courses we now have a certified equine first aid instructor on-site. Ask about equine first aid courses for large and small groups. 

Taylor Ormiston, General Manager 
- checking out the herd

Tracey Wall, Hospitality Manager

  Victoria Gallant, Wrangler 
Staff Profiles 

Taylor Ormiston 
We are pleased to announce Taylor Ormiston as the new General Manager of The Flying U Ranch. Taylor grew up around horses, and always harboured a love for her equine friends and first considered turning this passion into a career upon exposure to EAGALA practices at Project 118 Youth Ranch in Cochrane, AB. She has since worked with Uruguayan Gauchos on giant cattle farms, developed her own personal training methods with Arab crosses on her family's property in Langley, BC and continued to study Equine Assisted Wellness principles and methods with the Higher Trails Ranch in Okotoks, AB. Combined with over a decade of hospitality and PR experience, Taylor truly believes in the power of horse-human connections and plans to use her unique breadth of experience to develop programs that reflect both the specific history and future of Flying U Ranch.

Tracey Wall 
"It's the guests of Flying U that are my reason for returning" 
-Tracey Wall, Hospitality Manager.

We are pleased to welcome back Tracey to Flying U for her second season. With several years of hospitality and salon experience, she is excited to be continuing on with the ranch. Her favourite things? The amazing people, amazing stories. Tracey welcomes back old and new guests to the most amazing, serene, beautiful space on earth!

Victoria Gallant 
We've also hired Victoria Gallant as a wrangler: with nine years riding and teaching experience, Victoria is excited to spend the summer working with the horses and guests of Flying U. As a certified instructor, Victoria is happy to provide short lessons, should anyone want a more technical introduction to riding. Victoria will be joined by her dog Star, a Bull Terrier mix who absolutely adores children of all ages.

Stay tuned next month as we introduce six more of our staff!

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