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The happenings of this past quarter...

[Video Playlist] We Hear You

We hear youTired of needing to be resilient? Frustrated by your leadership? Need help managing challenging behaviors? Struggling with your work-life balance? We know, we hear you, and we are here for you. This four-episode limited series offers you a safe space and an opportunity to pause, reflect, focus, and take action in order to work through your challenges. You’ll find no “quick fixes” in these videos, but we do hope you’ll find some solace, and that you’ll pick up a new strategy or maybe just a new perspective.

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What "building your bounce" means. In addition to our infant/toddler and preschooler initiatives, we also focus on promoting the health and well-being of all adults who parent, nurture, and/or work with young children through a focus on adult resilience. The critical connection between children’s resilience and the health and wellness of the adults in those children’s lives cannot be underestimated. We began this initiative in response to the growing understanding and appreciation that promoting children’s resilience depends significantly on the resilience of the adults who care for them.

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DCRC Director Susan Damico's Tips Featured in UpJourney Article. How to Stop Putting Pressure on Yourself (According to 15+ Experts): It’s no secret that some of us put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Whether it’s striving to meet our professional goals, keeping up with our social media persona, or simply trying to be the best version of ourselves — it can be tough not to compare ourselves to others and constantly strive for more.

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DCRC Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist & National Trainer Rachel Wagner, MSW, talks holiday stress and FLIP IT on podcast. "Holiday time can be stressful, even for kids. Rachel Wagner is the Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist & National Trainer at the Devereux Center for Resilient Children. She introduces us to FLIP IT and how it works for children and adults."

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Let's look at this upcoming quarter and beyond...

Will you be joining us in the following celebrations? We hope so!

Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

Random Acts of Kindness Week (Feb. 12-18) and Day (Feb. 17).This week and day are dedicated to celebrate and encourage random acts of kindness...from each of us! The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation offers many different resources to help us do that. Find resources to use at school, at home, and at work! Be sure to check them out.

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International SEL Day

International SEL Day (Mar. 10). We know and you know that social and emotional learning (SEL) is so important. As we continue to help boost awareness and understanding of it, we hope you'll sign up for SEL Day just like we did. Help make SEL Day 2023 a success, and attend the SEL Day Summit as well!

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What step are you on of the DECA Program? As we are midway through the school/program year, for those of you using the Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA) Program, how is it going? What step are you currently on? If you need a reminder, check out this video for a review of the program's five important steps!

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Remaining virtual trainings and free webinars for first half of 2023. There are still a handful of virtual trainings and free webinars open for registration, and we want to ensure you take the opportunity to see what they are! As we all know, time flies, and for some trainings, spots are limited. So take a look and review, and we hope to see your name on one or more of our registrant lists!

Virtual Trainings
Free Webinars

Believe it or not, we are getting ready to plan out our 2023-24 year! As we work through our planning, out of curiosity, is there anything you wish we would cover? If yes, then we invite you to share your thoughts with us! Click here to do so now.

Book us for professional development. We'd love it if you would consider scheduling us to deliver one or more of the high-quality trainings we have to offer! You can view our training topic options by age group (infant/toddler, preschool, adults), or you can view by DCRC resource (the DECA Program, Your Journey Together, Building Your Bounce, FLIP IT, etc.).

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Once you review these options, should you have an interest in professional development for your program, complete our Professional Development Request Form. Start the ball rolling and schedule us today! Curious to know what you're in for if you book us? Check out this video to see the content- and fun-filled time you and your team members can have. We hope to get to work with you soon!

Don't forget about our on-demand webinars. We understand that attending a live webinar can be challenging. That's why we offer a library of recorded webinars! Learn about our work as well as our resources for professionals and parents. Our early childhood development experts share information on promoting social skills, healthy emotional development, and resilience – in young children and in the adults who care for them.

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See you in May for our Spring Resilience Quarterly!

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