Winter 2023 | Breaking Ground:

On the Homefront with Kansas Housing

If you’re still cleaning up confetti from your carpet and trying to remember to put 2023 on documents, you’re in good company. Closing out the old and bringing in the new is a universal experience that sometimes takes a little time. But we’re in it together!

To celebrate the holiday one year, my family planned a “New Year’s Around the World”. Every hour we’d adopt a tradition from another country, whether it was eating 12 grapes (Spain), smashing old plates (Denmark) or my favorite: strolling around the block with empty suitcases (Colombia). Our neighbors must have thought we were crazy walking around in the freezing dark!

At KHRC, we’re similarly closing out the old and celebrating the new. We’re transitioning from emergency programs to long-term housing development solutions. We’re gathering data, applying lessons learned, and recalibrating the strategic plan.

The year is wide open with soaring potential. Now’s the time. Grab that empty suitcase and let’s take a stroll together… I can’t wait! 

- Ryan Vincent, Executive Director

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Building For the Future: 2022 Annual Report

Just as laying a solid foundation is important when building a home, Kansas Housing has similarly laid the groundwork in 2022 with an eye to the stars.

In this Annual Report, you will:

+ Learn about KHRC’s vital work keeping Kansans in their homes through the Kansas Emergency Rental Assistance Program and Kansas Homeowner Assistance Fund.

+ Read about KHRC’s efforts rolling out the new state housing development resources.

+ Stay engaged with ongoing traditional programs and resources.

+ Hear about the lives Kansas Housing is touching in communities around Kansas.

The foundation is solid, but KHRC’s work Unlocking Home continues. We’re ready to dig in. Will you join us? 

Read more in our first-ever interactive annual report online!

2022 Annual Report 

New State Housing Development Resources. KHRC’s work rolling out the new state housing development resources continues.

+ The Home Loan Guarantee for Rural Kansas (HLG) Program launched on Tuesday, January 3, 2023. The program helps financial institutions guarantee the gap under a loan used for land and building purchases, renovation, and new construction costs that may be capitalized or financed within rural Kansas counties. 

View the HLG Fact Sheet.

Kansas Housing awards $2.4 million for rural housing development

Five Kansas communities will receive a combined total of $2.4 million to develop affordable housing for moderate-income families in rural areas of the state. The funding, made possible through the state of Kansas’ Moderate Income Housing (MIH) program, provides grants or loans to develop housing and support homeownership programs in cities or counties with populations of less than 60,000.

Combined with the amount leveraged by each community to support the proposed initiatives, the awards represent a total investment of $4.3 million and a net gain of 32 affordable, quality housing units, primarily in the southwest region of the state.

View the 2022 MIH award list online. 

This year’s awards will:

  • renovate three dilapidated Bucklin (population: 727) homes into rental units,
  • help construct four duplex units in Greensburg (778) and Kinsley (1,467),
  • provide gap financing for the construction of 16 single-family homes in Liberal (19,025), and
  • convert a historic building in downtown Moundridge (2,121) into five rental apartments.

Read more. 

Kansas Housing awards $4.9 million in MIH funds and 7.5 million in KHITC funds for rural housing development

KHRC announced its first awards under the expanded MIH and new KHITC Programs.

Eleven Kansas communities will receive a combined total of $4,998,936 MIH funds and 7,593,000 in Kansas Housing Investor Tax Credits (KHITC). The awards, made possible through the state of Kansas’ MIH and KHITC programs, will provide resources to develop moderate income housing for families in rural communities.

Combined with the amount leveraged by each community to support the proposed initiatives, the awards represent a total investment of $33,845,101 and a net gain of 175 affordable, quality housing units.

View the 2022 MIH and KHITC award list.

Additionally, KHRC is able to allocate KHITC to MIH projects in progress in Augusta, Neodesha, Lindsborg, Holton, and Chanute.

Read more. 

Only 25 percent of Kansas Homeowner Assistance Funds remain

Homeowners in need of assistance encouraged to apply now

Since the program launched in April 2022, the Kansas Homeowner Assistance Fund (KHAF) has provided $34,946,068 to 3,151 households. With a quarter of funds still available, homeowners in need of assistance are encouraged to apply now while funding remains.

“I was stressed and overwhelmed when I got behind on my mortgage payments,” said one KHAF applicant. “With so much going on in my life, I was hesitant to get started applying. However, I learned that the application process was much easier than I thought. My advice to others is to apply now; don’t wait. If you need help, you can always call a KHAF customer service representative.”

KHAF was established with American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to help qualifying Kansas homeowners get current on their mortgage payments and avoid foreclosure. Eligible homeowners at least 30 days past-due on mortgage and/or property taxes can receive payment assistance for mortgages, utility bills, property taxes, and other charges associated with delinquency.

For more information and to apply, visit the KHAF webpage. For questions, contact KHAF customer service at 855-307-5423.

The Kansas Emergency Rental Assistance (KERA) program has received enough applications to fully expend all available funds and remains in Hold Phase, the second of three closure phases. The KERA Program provided over $279M in rent and utility assistance, helping over 75,000 Kansans and 10,000 landlords.

Visit the KERA web page for more information about the closure process. 

Save the Date! Our 18th annual Kansas Housing Conference will bring together housing professionals from across the state and region to network, learn, and explore the latest trends and innovations in affordable housing as we celebrate KHRC's 20th anniversary! Presenters will offer compliance training for housing administrators, and general sessions will focus on expanding affordable housing opportunities in Kansas.

Join us August 22-24, 2023 at the Overland Park Convention Center!

Stay tuned for Sponsor / Exhibitor Registration and our Call for Agenda Submissions, opening in the coming months! General registration opens this spring.

Check out our News page for an archive of KHRC News. 

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