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TurnerCo joined with Texas Concrete Pipe Association to meet with Governor Abbott
Michelle Turner and Matt Childs joined a delegation from the Texas Concrete Pipe Association in early December (2021) to meet Governor Abbott over lunch. The meeting was a courtesy call and acknowledgement of the Concrete Pipe Week proclamation from the Governor’s office. The Texas Concrete Pipe Association organized the meeting.

The Governor was interested in the concrete pipe industry and wanted to hear about its products and involvement in the Texas economy. He wanted to know the impact of the rising costs of materials on the industry and labor shortages. It was clear that border issues remain top of mind with the Governor.

Michelle said, "It was a great opportunity to meet the Governor and have an open conversation about issues that we face everyday in our business and our state."
Steve Childs
Celebrating a lifetime career
Steve Childs has tapped pause on a career in the precast concrete industry spanning four decades to spend a little time with family, friends, and collections of baseball cards and coins. His immediate plans are to spend more time with his grandchildren and great grandchildren and tell stories of a career that has no end in sight.

At the end of January, Steve moved on from almost 20 years with TurnerCo where he introduced drycast manholes, boxes, and pipe.

TurnerCo grew quickly from a well-known wetcast producer and installer in Rhome to a major supplier of wetcast and drycast concrete products throughout the Texas Triangle and surrounding states. The company opened a second production facility in Lockhart near Maxwell in 2020.

Steve has a large boot-print in Texas having worked with most of the major concrete pipe, manhole, and box producers in various capacities. His expertise in plant operations and management took him to other states with extended periods far from home. Steve spent approximately 20 years with Gifford Hill and Hanson, eventually managing four plants in South Texas. He also managed a region for Oldcastle in Philadelphia. Before joining TurnerCo, Steve consulted with concrete pipe companies throughout the United States resulting in productive plants and strong relationships with producers in the industry.

Steve began his career path when he was 17, studying management at Illinois College and operating the family business, Standard Concrete Pipe in Springfield, IL. That experience was the foundation of his lengthy career in the precast concrete industry. 
Septic Systems products refreshed on TurnerCo website
The Turner Company supplies precast concrete aerobic and anaerobic sewage treatment systems from the Rhome facility or through local distributors.

Anaerobic septic systems involve the use of bacteria that don't require oxygen to live. An aerobic septic system involves three tanks. Waste enters the first tank and settles, then moves to the next tank where an aerator moves oxygen bubbles through the waste. This allows aerobic bacteria to consume the waste before discharge.

View TurnerCo’s selection of septic systems by clicking on the button. There is a contact form on the page for messaging. Contact Shirley Turner at (817) 638-9053 EXT. 303.
TurnerCo's website makes it easy to review products and enquire about standard products and specials
TurnerCo's website is one of the easiest to find details of standard products and contact people at the company to help with the design of infrastructure projects through specifications review and selection of precast concrete products. Each page has a contact form that works and staff respond within hours because they know that many projects are time sensitive.

If you have not yet visited the site, please do and bookmark for products, sales, and service.
PipePlus Plant operational at Rhome facility
TurnerCo commissioned a HawkeyePedershaab concrete pipe plant at its Rhome precast concrete production facility in 2021.

The PipePlus (https://afinitas.com/equipment-product/pipeplus-concrete-pipe-machine/) machine has multiform modules for increased production capability for concrete pipe and manholes. It features production flexibility and rapid form changeovers, which allow production and administration staff to schedule special orders and keep yard inventories low.
Featured Projects and Products
Specially designed precast concrete boxes for culvert under 13R-31L at Dallas Love Field
Standard ASTM C1577, “Standard Specification for Precast Reinforced Concrete Monolithic Box Sections for Culverts, Storm Drains, and Sewers Designed According to AASHTO LRFD” was not enough for a culvert under the 8,800-foot runway 13R-31L at Dallas Love Field.

The specification for 84 feet of 6-foot x 4-foot x 8-foot box sections produced at the Lockhart facility required additional reinforcement to accommodate the weight of a Boeing 767 wide-body airliner.

The inner and outer cage of all surfaces of the precast concrete boxes required #5 rebar and extra longitudinal wire to meet the extreme steel reinforcement requirement.
The aircraft load rated reinforced boxes were buried between 7-foot to 12-foot depth. Specials included three bends, transition from 8-foot x 6-foot to 6-foot x 4-foot, lateral inlets for 36-inch to 60-inch pipe connections. Along with vertical bends to ensure clearance requirements of existing fuel pipeline were met and exposed steel ends with embedded #6 rebars for field couplers to tie into cast-in-place triple grate inlet. TurnerCo’s facilities produced 598 feet of aircraft load rated 8-foot x 6-foot box sections.

Flatiron was contracted by the City of Dallas for the $125 million runway reconstruction project scheduled for completion in summer, 2022.
TurnerCo electrical vaults specified for Amazon data center
TurnerCo products are included in the infrastructure of the new Amazon data center on Potranco Road in San Antonio.

Data centers house equipment and software for IT operations and storage systems including servers and network infrastructure such as switches and routers.

The vaults were wet cast at TurnerCo’s Rhome facility in February and March. Several of the 16 vaults were specially-designed L-shaped structures. The order was filled in less than four weeks.

TurnerCo’s Tim Randal scheduled production and was responsible for meeting deadlines of Big State Electric in San Antonio for shipping.
Safety is top of mind
Safety is top of mind in production, shipping, and installation of precast concrete products. A flatbed trailer loaded with precast concrete products is ready for shipment from TurnerCo’s Lockhart facility supplying a contractor in central Texas. Products produced in an environmentally controlled production facility are safely tied to the trailer in a yard that is organized for the safe movement of vehicles and storage of a wide range of products.

The American Concrete Pipe Association published information synthesized from the Regulatory Guidance for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Part 393—Parts and Accessories necessary for safe operations and Subpart I – Protection Against Shifting or Falling Cargo. The document is at https://www.concretepipe.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/tiedown.pdf.

TurnerCo works with its heavy haulers and local authorities to create safe conditions when its products are being shipped and offloaded at job sites. On those sites, precast concrete products are installed safely in accordance with standards and guidelines to ensure worker safety and performance of buried concrete infrastructure that is designed to last for generations.
TurnerCo. is a manufacturer that delivers precast concrete products and an exceptional customer experience through people with strong family values who help build communities. You can be part of the TurnerCo. experience by networking with us on social media. We are on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Follow us on these networks to be informed and knowledgeable about precast concrete products and issues affecting our industry. Please forward our newsletter to people who would find it informative.
TurnerCo. is on Google My Business
TurnerCo. has had a page on Google My Business for several years. Through January and February of this year, over 14,000 people have found the TurnerCo. profile by searching for its name, address, category, product, or service.

The page includes business hours and easy access to contact information. Google maps provides clear information on how to reach the Rhome head office. Click on the button and bookmark the page.