" LCB was absolutely wonderful to work with. Communicative, responsive, helpful and everyone on the team was personable. Our Lower Level turned out amazing and they really understood our vision and made it all happen."

~Jen Frederickson
Working with our in house architect Rob Aldecocea, the Fredrickson's were excited to finish their lower level. With growing children and the need to do more entertaining, the time was now to bring the space to life. We achieved this by adding a new bar/kitchenette with extra dining/ game playing table. Including a cozy family room for game/ movie viewing! Updating the existing bathroom and bedroom and finishing the space off with a beautiful built in wine storage space! Remodeled with love for this growing family! Enjoy!
Don't miss the Nov | Dec Issue of Midwest Home Magazine! We are celebrating 46 years in the Design Build Industry! Thank you to everyone who has supported our family business along the way!
Check it out!
House Lifting in Wisconsin
When your family cabin has been passed down for generations. The vivid memories and emotional attachment are hard to say goodbye to! For our clients in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin this is their reality!
Luckily for them, we can save the original cabins.
By raising them up 6 feet off the ground we can now dig for a frost footing foundation, Then we can lower the cabins back down on the new foundations.
Then starts the next phase to remodel both cabins and put an addition "in between" to create a fully finished 2100 sq ft lake home.

Can't wait to see this reveal!! Stay tuned!
Midwest Home Magazine design awards recognize and honor the best of the best in residential and commercial design. LCB is thrilled to win two awards this year! What a special event highlighting our industry's top performers 👏 We are thankful to be a part of this group of talented professionals!
A special thank you to our design partners at Studio M Interiors!

Time for Production, Family & Friends
Time is Intangible
Unable to be touched or grasped; not having physical presence. 

It is difficult to believe that something as valuable as time is, can be dismissed or unappreciated as much as some of us do. In our world of builders/remodelers and undoubtedly the clients we are helping, time is clearly a treasured commodity. With every month, week, day and sometimes minute under the microscope, time is closely monitored.
This year has been yet another year of trying challenges for the production teams when it comes to materials and labor and the effect it has on time and scheduling. Shortages in labor due to Covid is still present, back ups in materials are still causing delays that have led to a new trend of placing some materials orders even before the project begins.
It has been a common topic amongst the team here at LCB during our team meetings and it has been interesting to learn how the production teams are moving forward and seemingly keeping things running as fluid as the pre-Covid years. A BIG KUDOS to them and all the team members involved that keep the wheels turning and moving as fast as possible during these challenging times.
Take Time to Reflect
This year has been a busy one and time has flown by without me even noticing. Starting back in May when late one day after a 9 month stretch, my wife and I went from being just the two of us to welcoming our son to the world and becoming parents. As I have quickly learned, time now goes by even quicker when there is a baby involved.
Now here we are in December and I am going into my 7th year here at Lake Country Builders… I mean wow, where did all of that time go?! The building/remodeling world is an interesting one to live in, when you move into a business that works with focus on large projects from the start date to the closing date and all of the in-betweens you need to pay attention to, before you know it half a year has flown by.
It is important to take some time to stop and reflect on the past year, past month or even the day if you can and to make note of all that you’ve accomplished or that the team has accomplished. If you don’t, I feel that the mind can easily glitch into a mode where you feel as though it is an endless cycle and there were no successes along the way.
Author: Derek Wilkinson
Trending | Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
With gas prices always fluctuating, you might be one of many people considering a more stable solution – an electric vehicle. Here are some things to consider when preparing your garage for your new ride .

Climate Control: A heated garage is ideal to help maintain the temperature of the car's environment.
Garage Space: You will need more space for the charging station, possibly adding a third or forth stall to your garage.
Charging Station: Xcel Energy estimates it costs an average of $1,000 to $2,000 to buy and install an electric vehicle charger in your garage. The price depends on your current electrical set up and what kind of charger you use. Most chargers use the 240 V power and give you between 15-40 miles of range per hour of charging.
Talk to LCB: We are here to help you with every step of adding a charging station to your garage. From space planning to electrical service. Lake Country Builders can make this exciting move to an electric vehicle as smooth as it can be!
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