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Von Winning

Sauvignon Blanc II

German Sauvignon Blanc?!? I know-weird. Definitely a country not known for the grape. Yet there it is, and it’s wonderful. Von Winning, the winery formerly known as Dr. Deinhard, was purchased in 2009 by a dude named Niederberger. It is Niederberger’s goal to take wineries he feels can realize even greater potential and push them toward that greatness. He does so by sparing no expense in providing his winemakers the capabilities they need to capture amazing in a bottle. The winemaker who now directs Von Winning’s wines is Kurt Rathgeber. Kurt’s a grape whisperer. His dry Rieslings harken top Chablis while his Sauvignon Blancs challenge bottlings from Bordeaux, and dare I say, Sancerre. His Sauvignon Blanc II proves that point. It sees no wood, only stainless steel. It’s a joyful offering with lip-smacking minerality, silky pungency and a ripe, round drink.



Questions of our Time

Last Week’s Results:

By a whopping 44.4% of the vote, Christian Bale is the best Batman!! Gotham sighs. Clooney, Kilmer and Affleck don’t even rate a single vote. We know there is going to be a huge outcry for Kevin Conroy. He’s been the voice of the animated Batman for decades and those who know are fiercely protective of their vote. But he’s 5th on the list. Somehow it all seems correct. 

  1. Christian Bale 44.4%
  2. Adam West 22.2%
  3. Michael Keaton 16.7%
  4. Bugs Bunny 11.1%
  5. Kevin Conroy 5.6%
  6. George Cloony 0.0%
  7. Val Kilmer 0.0%
  8. Ben Affleck 0.0%


This Week’s Poll:

This needs to be settled once and for all!

Should Jacques cut his hair?
I dunno. That man bun looks kinda clean tho

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