Pascal Clément Bourgogne Rouge

Burgundy hurts; it breaks your heart. I think it does it on purpose. Pinot Noir from the place seduces with complete, profound satisfaction. It speaks to you in knowing tones and shares its secrets. It lets you in, and you are forever changed. Then it’s gone. And you want more. You search and search, yet you’re not able to find that same experience; that wine which moved you so. The treasure is elusive, and it’s one disappointment after another. Yet you persist. And then, just when you’re through, quits are called, an offering pops out of nowhere and again you are taken. It’s a bitch of a wine.
Pascal Clément beautifully sings the Siren’s Song o’ Burgundy. His Pinot is classic and what you seek in your travels. Pascal’s philosophy is very non-interventional as he uses only native yeasts and organically farmed fruit. We all know Burgundy is stupid expensive, yet, as the region goes, Pascal’s is affordable. The drink’s calm is surprising as it offers lively fruit that dances and moves. In that calm are thoughts deep and stories told. And on top of everything, it’s tasty. Steer toward the harbor for this one, it’s time to crash.


Our very best,
The Westwoods Liquor Team