Wine of the Week!
Sonoma-Cutrer Rosé

I am so confused. My belief system is shaken. Upon what can I count? It’s all upside down and yet, maybe, just maybe, there’s a light out there. A Sonoma-Cutrer offering without oak?!?! What the? Their rosé is surprisingly vibrant. No, really, seriously. I know. Weird. Yet wonderfully lively, clean and fresh rosé is found here. It’s really good juice. But where’s the wood? The butter? The residual sugar? What else is now possible in this world?? Peace in the Middle East? Great smelling morning breath? Weight loss french fries? A good night's sleep? It's all on the table now.

Bourbon of the Moment

Bardstown 'Fusion Series #3'

Love this stuff! 40% of the juice has been aged for 13 years. The other 60% is from three-year-old wheated and high-rye Kentucky barrels. It’s 98.9 proof, so it offers a wallop of richness to the drink. There are many highly sought bourbons out there, especially those with hood ornament stoppers, we feel do not compare to Bardstown. Yeah, we’re definitively stating it’s better than that horse Bourbon. It’s just damn good whiskey that deserves your attention.


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