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2017 Roberto Voerzio

“La Serra” and “Brunate” Barolo


With all respect to Ornellaia, Solaia, Dal Forno, Soldera, and Piedmont’s Aldo Conterno and Gaja, this is Italy’s greatest wine. Nebbiolo is Italy’s greatest grape, and right now Roberto Voerezio is its greatest steward. So there it is. Roberto Voerezio is a living legend. His uncompromising, unapologetic, freakily stringent wine growing process results in Piedmont’s greatest expression of Nebbiolo. 

Green Harvest

Voerzio is nuts about limiting the number of grape bunches grown on his prized Nebbiolo vines. In winter he prunes each vine to allow only 5-10 bunches of grapes to grow. In July, he cuts off and removes half of those bunches leaving only 5 clusters of grapes on each vine. Then in August, he cuts all of the remaining grape bunches in half. Ridiculous. This green harvest results in intensely concentrated grapes as everything the vineyard offers is concentrated into miniscule harvest yields. 

Yields and Production

Roberto’s organically grown grapes are harvested by hand. They are fermented on indigenous yeasts in stainless steel tanks. The wine is aged in a combination of French Oak, Tonneaux and Botti barrels. The juice is bottled unfined and unfiltered, with little added sulfur. The bottles age in the winery’s cellar for two years before being released to the public. 

His Barolo are symphonies. Symphonies of place and story. These are the richest, deepest, most texturally beautiful wines you will come across. Words do escape and overwhelm when trying to explain the sublime experiences this wine offers. 

There are only 460 cases (920 6-packs) produced of each of the “La Serra” and “Brunate” vineyards. These are the greatest of the great; rarest of the rare.


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