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POE 'Ultraviolet' Cabernet Sauvignon

A Napa Cab under $15? No way!? Way! Things unreal do happen. California Condors are still with us, UFO’s seem to exist, Abe Vigoda is still alive, and the remains of the inventor of the Pringles can are in a Pringles can. Life amazes.

This Cab began in 2009 when its grapes were destined for another winery’s more expensive bottling. The winery found itself short on cash, and Samantha Poe stepped in and bought the grapes on discount. Pretty cool move. She has since kept the relationship and the result is a wine that outdrinks its price. So next time you turn on the tv and see pigs flying outta Batman’s arse while he eats unicorn ravioli, it could be so, ‘cause things are possible. 


Questions of our Time

According to our scientifically designed polling model that was meticulously scribbled after consuming a couple bottles of Volnay, half of the people responding say a hot dog is not a sandwich and half say it is. There it is. Right down the middle; sandwiched between two opinions. Just like a sausage nestled between bread...

Do you like polls?
Yes, they’re better than rollercoasters!
No, I wouldn’t be caught dead answering a poll!

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