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Les Pierres Grises Saint-Véran

Saint-Véran is the Jan Brady of wine. Pouilly-Fuisse’s pesky little sister is always there, hanging around, trying so hard to garner attention, trying to be just like her older sis. And who could blame her? Pouilly-Fuisse offers a bit more structure and power, and is far more popular, just like Marcia-Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! (But don’t tell George Glass that; Saint-Véran is his favorite region.) Saint-Veran and Pouilly-Fuisse border each other, and each only allows Chardonnay under its appellation. The great thing about Saint-Véran is it’s not as expensive as its neighbor while offering satisfying richness and precise minerality that comes from limestone soils. So many times Burgundy is a pricey proposition, not this baby; it’s a Chard that outdrinks its price. All that aside, it’s just good juice.


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Bourbon of the Moment

Brother's Bond Bourbon

Pretty boys Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley from TV’s “The Vampire Diaries” like to drink bourbon with each other. Why not start their own brand? So they did. The name is a nod to their on-screen characters, "The Salvatore Brothers” and the bond of brotherhood they have formed over the years. 

Their bourbon is made from four grains: corn (65%), rye (22%), wheat and barley (they keep the rest of the mashbill percentage secret, or they forgot; just like actors to forget their lines). The copper column and copper pot-doublers produce juice aged for four years in American White Oak that has #4 char on the staves and #2 char on the heads. The result is a whiskey that is becoming the fastest selling super-premium bourbon in America.

The founders do give back; 1% of gross revenue goes toward supporting regenerative farming practices. They seek to aid large scale farmers in drawing carbon out of the atmosphere and depositing it safely in the ground. This helps sustain rich soils while fighting carbon influenced climate change.

Questions of our Time

Last week's results were pretty alien to us as 40% of people thought Ricky was the best accompaniment to French Fries. There was a tie for second as roughly 20% of people thought ketchup and roughly 20% thought Béarnaise was the best condiment. This week we bring it a little more local.

Upper or Lower Deck of I-35
Upper (because you think you'll actually save some time)
Lower (because you like the view)

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