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The Pinot Project

In a bunker, hidden deep, somewhere in California, an alien named Ricky does nothing but make wine-The Pinot Project. Ricky does what humans are unable to; make amazing Pinot Noir at affordable prices. Pinot is as difficult a grape as there is to get right. Easily enjoyable, economical wines usually incur high costs. Not for Ricky. Ricky's affordable wines are out of this world. That is why the government categorically denies any knowledge of his existence. However, using state of the art technology and a CIA sketch artist, we have rendered an approximation of what Ricky looks like.

The Juice is Out There!


Bourbon Bags - Back By Popular Demand

Our Bourbon bags were so popular we decided to offer a few of them again. We have three bag selections on offer, and each includes an allocated bourbon. The highly procured bags contain amazing products that will definitely delight!

The Bag with Blanton’s 

•Blanton’s Bourbon

•Breckenridge ‘High Proof Blend’ Bourbon

•Trefethen Cabernet Sauvignon 

•Torrione ‘Petrolo’ Supertuscan


The Bag with Weller 107

•Weller 107

•Wilderness Trail ‘Single Barrel’ Rye

•Clos de l’Oratoire des Papes Châteauneuf-du-Pape

•Domaine du Terme Sablet, Côtes du Rhône


The Bag with Stagg Jr. 

(Only 4 available)

•Stagg Jr.

•Rabbit Hole ‘Heigold’ Bourbon

•Clos du Clocher Pomerol, Bordeaux

•Piaggia Riserva Carmignano


Questions of our Time

Everyone who responded likes polls. Everyone except one person who responded “No, I wouldn’t be caught dead answering a poll!” Thanks Paul!

The absolute best condiment with Fries is
Mayo (who does this?)
BBQ Sauce (correct answer)
Bearnaise Sauce
Pickle Juice

Our very best,

Westwoods Liquor Team


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