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Les Athlètes du Vin Chinon

Cab Franc is the lothario of grapes; a regular Don Wine. It’s from Cabernet Franc’s hookup with Sauvignon Blanc that Cabernet Sauvignon was born. Now its offspring is the most planted grape in the world. 

Though its progeny is now famously successful, we mustn't forget about good ol’ dad, as Cab Franc is cool. (I wanna be cool; I love Cab Franc.) It’s a charming grape that is subtly fragrant, seducingly silky and gently flirtatious. One of the grape’s greatest expressions is grown in Chinon along France’s Loire River. Chinon offers depth and richness; they command attention for their sense of place and poetry. The Les Athlètes absolutely delivers that promise. 

The name for the wine, Les Athlètes (the athletes), was conceived in offices across the street from a gym. As the winery owners watched folks coming and going from the facility, the idea of athletes and sport was offered. Why wouldn’t it be? Obviously drinking wine is a sport, you have to lift your elbow. Drinking wine is a very high-level intensity physical activity. It requires dexterity and focused determination. Once it becomes an Olympic event, it is my hope I am the captain of the US Wine Drinking Team.


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