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'18 Château Vannières ‘Héritage’

Flat out fantastic juice! This is mountain wine with vineyards and castle ruins overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. A mere 2 miles from the Big Blue Sea, the winery is located in a region heralded for its audacious expressions of Grenache and Mourvedre grapes. It is a magical place of limestone soils, olive trees and a wind so strongly prominent it has its own name, The Mistral. 

The Mediterranean's presence is important as it offers a great moderating effect on the vineyards with long, dry, sun-drenched, growing seasons. The organic, hand harvested grapes are big and ripe as they flourish in the exhausting persistence of The Mistral. The result is a wine of structure and finesse. There is boldness to this wine, yet that concentration dances and delights with elegance and grace. You want to try this wine, you need to try this wine; it will make you happy. 


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Sweetens Cove Bourbon

Peyton Manning, Andy Roddick and Jim Nantz are part of an ownership group (37 investors in all) that owns Sweetens Cove Golf Club in Tennessee. The 9 hole public course is as beautiful and bucolic as they come, yet possesses none of the amenities golfers expect. The clubhouse is a pre-fab, Home Depot shed. In that shed a tradition endures as golfers congregate before their rounds and drink bourbon. There’s a lot of bourbon in that shed as Golfers bring their own special bottles to start their rounds and then leave them for future players. This led the club owners to the idea of creating their own bourbon. 

The Sweetens group initially bought a 100 barrel lot of 12 year old George Dickel stock. They then hired Marianne Eaves, Kentucky’s first female Bourbon Master Distiller since Prohibition. She’s a stud. She blended the barrels to achieve a production of only 14,000 bottles spread out over 5 different batches. Marianne is expecting a lot from Sweetens Cove. So much expectation she has boldly stated, Sweetens Cove is “going to be Tennessee’s Pappy Van Winkle.” Bam! There’s a statement. 


Questions of our Time

Two of us (Alex & Greg) are very disappointed with last week's results. A little under 30% of you do not like pineapple on pizza, and the other 70ish% were wrong. This week, we again ask you to answer another pressing issue.

Is a hotdog a sandwich?
Yes. It's meat between two pieces of bread
No, who think's it's a sandwich?

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