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TreRé ‘Curéna’ Pignoletto Frizzante

Bologna is the food capital of Italy. It offers myriad must-try food and wine experiences. One is this Frizzante Pignoletto served with copious amounts of cured meats. What could be better than hanging at the Old Market in the Quadrilatero, watching people continuously stroll while sipping this fizzily refreshing wine and savoring artisanal salumi? There’s a simple decadence to the pairing. Such is supping in Italy. 

TreRé is a mother/son run winery about an hour south of Bologna. Theirs is a countryside winery with vines planted on rustic, sloping, limestone soils. The fun and allure of this wine is its fizz. It offers more gentle bubbles than than Prosecco, resulting in a softer, effervescent quaffer that eases summer temperatures. The fruit is forward and ripe, yet it finishes with a bone-dry crispness. It’s a wine perfect for summer weather and pool pairings.


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Questions of our Time

Last Week’s Results:

Over half the people responding do not want Jacques to cut his hair. Most of the other people kinda like his bun. And then there were two people who do wish for Jacques’ do to go under the knife. Jacques is relieved; he can keep his hair. 

A recap of all Poll questions to date is in order. Here’s what we know to be true in this world:

  • Over, Under, either is correct regarding toilet paper.
  • Pineapple is good on pizza.
  • A Hot Dog may or may not be a sandwich.
  • People love Polls.
  • Ricky is the best pairing with French Fries.
  • The Upper Deck of IH35 is the way to go.
  • Speed Walking is the most boring Olympic sport.
  • Snickerdoodles are the best cookies.
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the favorite late night cereal.
  • Christain Bale is the best Batman.
  • Jacques is a sexy man with his long hair.

This Week’s Poll:

Is Cereal Soup?
Of course it is. It’s a cold soup, like Gazpacho.
No!! It’s milk poured on fabricated grains.

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