The subject line fits this year’s theme quite well.
“Catch the Wind”
Soaring high, dreaming the impossible, full of hope!
All the changes that are happening here in China give us the perfect opportunity to do this.

New Day Hohhot
The changing climate here in China is forcing us to add new ways to how we do things. With a long-term relationship, trust and favor built up over the years we have been requested to run a project in the Hohhot government orphanage.

New Day Beijing
Our Beijing facility has been in its current location for almost 20 years. Over the years Beijing has been rapidly developing. Where once fields surrounded us, we are currently in the path of that development.

New Day South
Most of you reading this notice will remember the government action last year in Guangdong province recalling children from private care back to their home orphanages.
Now, one year later, and after multiple conversations with our partner orphanages, it has become clear that we will not be able return to normal operation anytime in the foreseeable future. We have therefore made the difficult decision to close New Day South by the end of the summer. Going forward, we will refer any new requests for help from Guangdong orphanages to our parent foster home in Beijing.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our ND South family.
New Day Vietnam
…was born out of a desire to expand the mission of New Day Foster Home to the lesser-developed, neighboring countries of southeast Asia. We are basing our first efforts in the region near Ho Chi Minh City in South Vietnam, not far from the southern provinces of China.

We are excited about the possibilities before us, and we invite you to join with us as we continue New Day’s “journey of hope” across borders and into new frontiers.

They are so very special
They have been from the start
Before they were held in their forever family’s arms
They were held in their hearts.

This is the cry of each of our children- to be a part of their very own forever family. For years Hudson longed for that time to come. He watched year after year when others joined their families and wondered when his would come. The day finally arrived, May 21, 2018- Hudson was no longer an orphan.

Join with us in celebrating that Hudson , Naysa , Ronan , Shua Li Rose and Sawyer are no longer alone.
Many times we have had to dream the impossible for the children. As we did for Lydia and Joshua.

Joshua needed a liver transplant and with 150 people going after one organ there was little chance of a liver becoming available for an orphan. In addition he was underweight making surgery high risk. Then the day came when we got the call…..a LIVER WAS AVAILABLE. Against all odds Joshua survived the surgery, recovering quickly and home faster than normal.

Lydia has spent most of her life in the hospital. Soon after abandonment she was admitted to the hospital in serious condition. When she was finally stable enough she was rushed to Beijing where she went into ICU. Weeks passed and she still wasn’t strong enough for surgery, as her last chance they went ahead with surgery, not sure she would survive. Against all odds she survived and on May 31, 2018 we celebrated as she was released from the hospital. 

NEW DAY FOSTER HOME | Beijing, China