June 2023

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Special Episode: "How Right-of-Way is Doing Us Right"

Right-of-Way Professionals Appreciation

Charleston Family Becomes 20,000th WAVE Subscriber

The Co-op Cookin' Show:

"Backyard BBQ"

Employee Spotlight: Larry Walker

Energy Efficiency Tip

"How Right-of-Way

is Doing Us Right"

with ROW Superintendent Chris Tedford

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Right-of-Way Professionals Appreciation


Charleston Family Becomes 20,000th WAVE Subscriber

“I absolutely recommend it,” says Emily. “From the moment WAVE was hooked up in our home, it has been reliable, and consistent. It has enhanced [my family’s] ability to take care of school responsibilities after hours.”

She continues, “We finally don’t have to worry about ‘peak’ times It’s so nice to be able to access the internet as needed. WAVE is dedicated to your home."


Backyard BBQ

The Co-op Cookin' Show

Join Barbara and Emily, the multimedia team at Arkansas Valley Electric, as they cook a few recipes that will ELEVATE your grilling game.

These recipes were published in former Arkansas Living Magazines.


Employee Spotlight

Larry Walker

30 Years

"I have worked for Arkansas Valley Electric for 30 years. For over half my career at the cooperative, I have worked in the Right-of-Way department operating heavy equipment. The two right-of-way crews maintain over 6,800 miles of line full-time. To keep your lights on, you must work on the right-of-way. If you want your right-of-way to take care of you, you have to take care of your right-of-way.

Working for AVECC is like working with family. It’s a brotherhood, and I’m my brother’s keeper."

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