April | 2022
Employee Spotlight
Wendy Kozeny | Energy Auditor | 6 years

"My position with AVECC involves conducting energy audits for members’ homes and businesses, overseeing the energy efficiency program, CHESS, taking members’ bill payments as needed, and educating our members at community events. Some of these events include the Chamber of Commerce, Greater Fort Smith Home Builders’ Association, ARVAC, and county/state fairs. 

My favorite part about working at AVECC is getting to work with our members. I especially enjoy helping them understand kWh usage, home insulation and air leaks, and how these two interact, resulting in the monthly kWh usage/bill."

"Getting to Know Wendy Kozeny"

Get to know Wendy as she talks with us about her job as an Energy Auditor, her favorite work snack, and even her tiny home! 
Energy Efficiency Tip of the Month
New Scoreboard for the Lady Hillbillies
Congratulations to the Ozark High School Softball Team for their new scoreboard, sponsored by Wave Rural Connect and Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative.
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