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In the end, it's all just TV

According to recent data, total TV viewing in the U.S. has skyrocketed to a four-year peak! With a 3.7% surge in total day viewing from December, it's evident that TV still reigns supreme in our entertainment landscape. From linear to streaming, audiences are glued to their screens like never before.

But wait, there's more. Bernstein Research predicts a shift in the TV advertising landscape. While linear TV ad spend declines, streaming TV ad investment remains steady or even experiences growth. The key player in this game? Amazon Prime Video's advertising potential, which could redefine the rules of engagement.

But amidst this tug-of-war between linear and streaming, it's time to ask: when will we ditch the boxing gloves and recognize that viewers see no difference? To them, it's all just TV. And advertisers, take note: it's not about the delivery method; it's about connecting with your audience and delivering results.

Yet, our industry remains entrenched in silos, dividing itself based on outdated distinctions. However, change is on the horizon. It's time to embrace TV in all its forms and treat it as one cohesive medium.

Will TV networks be cashing in?

Recent reports reveal there will be a significant surge in ad revenue for TV stations across the United States. According to recent insights, there's an expected 14% increase in ad revenue, reaching a massive $24.8 billion this year.

Political ad spending is expected to jump by 10%, hitting an estimated $3.94 billion. With elections and other political events heating up, TV stations are cashing in big time. Digital advertising revenue for TV stations is holding steady at around $3.23 billion, showing that the digital game is strong too.

Traditional TV advertising revenue is also on the rise, reaching an estimated $21.157 billion. That's a hefty 15.4% increase from last year, proving that good old-fashioned TV ads are still as effective as ever. On the flip side, revenue from pay TV providers and TV networks is only expected to see a modest 1% increase, reaching $15.22 billion. This is likely due to the ongoing trend of people cutting the cord on their pay TV subscriptions, with nearly 80 million estimated to have done so.

Overall, TV station revenue – including advertising and retransmission – is forecasted to grow by 8.3% to a whopping $40.04 billion in 2024. As we navigate through these dynamic shifts in the media landscape, it's clear that television remains a force to be reckoned with, offering advertisers unparalleled reach and engagement opportunities.

Are your emails striking gold?

In the bustling marketplace of consumer trends, loyalty programs stand as beacons, drawing customers closer to their cherished brands. However, are these signals getting lost in the email abyss? According to recent insights, it seems that while consumers adore personalized emails, many are drowning in a sea of irrelevance.

78% of surveyed U.S. shoppers are willing to pay more for brands they are loyal to, marking an uptick from the previous year's figures. Email emerges as the champion in driving purchases, slightly nudging ahead of social media and other marketing channels.

Technology strides have transformed email into a potent tool for delivering hyper-personalized messages. Yet, despite its expertise, there is discontent among consumers. Many consumers voice frustration over irrelevant content, misaligned offers, and untimely dispatches.

So, what's the secret to capturing consumer attention? Discount codes, loyalty promos, and personalized surprises rank high on the engagement scale. These resonate highly across generations, with Gen X, Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z alike craving that personalized touch.

Consumers prioritize seamless experiences, data value, and unexpected rewards. Beyond discounts, top factors include stellar customer service, diverse product range, and robust data privacy policies. Mastering these areas secures lasting brand loyalty.

Did the ads work overtime?

As the Super Bowl showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers intensified, so did the intrigue surrounding the commercials. When the game entered overtime, viewers were left wondering: what happens now with the ads?

CBS, who aired the game, had prepared for this scenario, pre-selling ad units for Super Bowl LVIII overtime slots. While regular in-game ads commanded a hefty $7 million price tag for a 30-second slot, overtime slots came at a relative bargain of around $4 million.

The game's slow start eventually gave way to a thrilling climax, culminating in the second Super Bowl overtime in history. Brands had various strategies for securing overtime ad slots. Some, like Discover, bid in real-time during the fourth quarter, while others negotiated in advance.

In overtime, brands took diverse approaches to their commercials. State Farm repurposed its earlier spot into a shorter version. Universal Pictures returned with trailers for upcoming films. Notably, Progressive and Discover snagged overtime ad time without earlier game spots.

Despite the fluctuating viewership, the Super Bowl LVIII overtime period provided a prime opportunity for brands to make their mark on one of the most-watched events of the year.

Is Rhode Island truly 'All That'?

Ernie Schenck, an esteemed ad guru and lifelong Rhode Islander, isn't shy about his confusion regarding the state's tourist marketing efforts. From the infamous "Cooler and Warmer" campaign debacle of 2016 to subsequent bland attempts, Schenck questions why the state doesn't utilize its abundant local talent to craft something truly distinctive.

The most recent campaign, spearheaded by Zimmerman Advertising and tagged with the slogan "All That," has stirred up a wave of mixed reactions. Commenters were less than impressed, with many finding the phrase infused with a hint of sarcasm rather than genuine attraction.

While the ads boast diversity in casting and feature a variety of themes, from food to LGBTQ+ inclusion, Schenck remains unconvinced. He believes the campaign lacks the quirky charm and insight into Rhode Island's unique personality that could truly make it stand out.

In Schenck's eyes, Rhode Island isn't just another tourist destination—it's a treasure trove of personality, stories, and secrets waiting to be shared. Rather than aiming to please everyone, he advocates for a campaign that resonates deeply with a specific audience.


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Did you hear that the average consumer today is exposed to 10,000 plus promotional messages a day?

Recently, Google put out a study that determined to even exist in a consumer’s mind, a brand needs to make

22 impressions a month digitally with that consumer. Therefore, you really need to make sure you have enough

frequency with your campaigns to get through the clutter in your target’s mind.

It is also critical to reach your customer on multiple platforms. This is how they are spending their media day. Therefore, it is critical that your messaging gets targeted and delivered in multiple online and offline ways.


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