Welcome to the May 2024 issue of Key Notes - Marketing Keys' monthly newsletter! We wish all the Moms out there a Happy Mother's Day! In this latest newsletter, we will key on Mother's Day and how advertising impacts the gift giving. Plus, we will touch on how the summer season impacts marketing. Key Notes is an informative, quick-read newsletter to get you caught up on all things media and marketing. Our goal is for you to be informed and entertained with the latest media and marketing happenings quickly and efficiently. 

Will Mom like your gift you found online?

With Mother’s Day approaching, many ask the age-old question: What do you get your Mom? As it turns out, a significant chunk of Americans turn to advertising to help them decide.

According to a recent study, 44% of people rely on advertising to figure out what gift to buy for Mother’s Day. This sheds light on the immense influence that marketing and advertising have on consumer behavior during this holiday.

When it comes to which type of advertising helps them decide what gift to buy, respondents cited various channels. Social media emerged as a significant player, with 16% of participants turning to platforms like Instagram and Facebook for inspiration. Online advertising and email marketing followed closely, at 11% and 6.7% respectively. Additionally, influencers have considerable influence, with 21% of respondents relying on their recommendations.

Interestingly, Baby Boomers emerged as the generation most inclined to celebrate Mother’s Day with gifts, with 51% expressing this preference. This contrasts sharply with Millennials, among whom only 22% prioritize gift-giving. Understanding these generational nuances can help advertisers tailor their strategies to resonate with different age groups.

When it comes to timing their Mother’s Day shopping, consumers exhibit diverse behaviors. While some wait for sales events, others prefer to shop when they stumble upon the perfect gift. Interestingly, a small percentage (4.4%) admit to procrastinating until the last minute. As we approach Mother’s Day, it's clear that advertising plays a pivotal role in shaping consumer behavior and guiding gift choices.

Do Shopping Habits Heat Up?

In today's dynamic marketplace, understanding the nuances of seasonal shopping trends is crucial for businesses aiming to thrive. While the rise of online shopping has reshaped consumer behaviors, there remain distinct patterns in how people shop throughout each season. This is particularly evident during the transition from the winter holidays to the vibrant days of summer.

As the temperature warms up, consumers are more inclined to step out of their homes and explore their communities. Whether it's tourists seeking local businesses or residents stocking up on summer essentials, businesses stand to benefit from increased foot traffic. However, attracting these wandering shoppers requires more than just a physical presence. Leveraging mobile marketing and optimizing online platforms for local searches are essential tactics to capitalize on the influx of potential customers during the summer months.

The carefree spirit of summer often fosters impulsive purchasing behaviors. With consumers feeling relaxed and adventurous, businesses can strategically deploy social promotions and email marketing campaigns to entice spur-of-the-moment purchases. From last-minute vacation essentials to trendy summer fashion, tapping into the impulsivity of summer shoppers can yield significant rewards for savvy marketers.

While some may jet off to exotic destinations, others embrace the summer season as an opportunity for creative exploration. From arts and crafts to home improvement projects, the extended daylight hours inspire individuals to embark on new endeavors. By providing resources, inspiration, and guidance, businesses can position themselves as indispensable allies in their customers' summertime pursuits.

Beyond retail and hospitality, the summer season holds immense significance for homeowners embarking on repairs and renovations. From fixing winter wear-and-tear to planning for holiday gatherings, the warmer weather creates an ideal environment for home improvement endeavors. Businesses in the home improvement industry must align their marketing efforts to cater to the needs and aspirations of homeowners during this critical time.

Is AI a Friend or a Foe?

In the advertising world, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the production landscape. While AI brings promising opportunities, it also poses challenges for production companies.

At the heart of the debate lies the tension between AI's potential to streamline production processes and its implications for human creativity. Within the advertising realm, production companies find themselves at the forefront of this technological revolution, with the execution phase—typically their domain—seen as particularly susceptible to AI's encroachment. Already, AI has begun to reshape still-image production, and experts predict a similar impact on moving pictures in the near future.

Yet, amid concerns over job displacement and ethical considerations, there are glimmers of optimism. Some argue that production companies are uniquely positioned to harness AI's capabilities in ways that enhance rather than replace human creativity. By experimenting with AI-driven tools, these companies can explore new areas of storytelling while protecting the unique spark.

Looking ahead, the future of AI in production remains uncertain. Will it serve as a complementary tool, enhancing traditional filmmaking techniques, or will it signal a shift in the industry's landscape? Opinions vary, but one thing is clear: as AI continues to evolve at a rapid pace, production companies must adapt accordingly, navigating the complex intersection of technology, creativity, and ethics.

Is X taking on YouTube?

Elon Musk's platform X is set to redefine the social media game once again. The recent announcement of its TV app marks a significant stride into the realm of video and entertainment, posing a challenge to giants like YouTube.

While a specific release date remains undisclosed, X has promised that its TV app will soon grace the screens of most smart TVs. Notably, the platform aims to facilitate seamless casting from smartphones to larger screens, mirroring the strategies adopted by Google and Amazon in recent times.

In a bid to monetize the platform, X is exploring various avenues, including potential partnerships and advertisements. This strategic pivot underscores Elon Musk's vision to transform X from a text and image-centric platform into a comprehensive "everything app," fueled by the necessity to diversify revenue streams and stand out in a crowded market.

With users already watching 23 billion minutes of video content on X in the last month alone, the platform's venture into video seems not only timely but also inevitable. By targeting giants like YouTube and LinkedIn, Musk is clearly positioning X as a tough contender in the social media arena.

Make Your Summer Sizzle!

As the temperatures rise and the days grow longer, businesses often find themselves strategizing for their summer marketing campaigns. Here's a breakdown of the crucial do's and don'ts to steer your summer campaign toward success:

1. Maintain your presence in the market to ensure that you remain top of mind for your audience. Keep pushing your marketing efforts across various channels to retain your Share of Voice. Remember, out of sight means out of mind, and you don't want to give your competitors a chance to steal your thunder.

2. Be proactive in seeking out new methods and channels to reach your audience. Whether it's through outdoor events, social media campaigns tailored for summer vibes, or collaborations with seasonal influencers, diversify your approach to increase your brand's recall and stay ahead of the curve.

3. Take advantage of the seasonal lull in competition to score some sweet deals on media bookings. Summer often sees a dip in advertising demand, presenting an ideal opportunity to snag last-minute bargains. Capitalize on this by rolling out enticing summer offers that resonate with your audience and drive engagement.

4. Summer might seem like the perfect time to unveil your latest offerings, but unless you're in the business of cooling treats, it's best to hold off. Consumers are often preoccupied with vacation plans and outdoor escapades, making it challenging to capture their attention for new product launches. Save your big reveals for a more receptive season.

5. Avoid the temptation of last-minute scrambles by laying out your campaign strategy well in advance. Give your customers ample time to mull over their purchasing decisions, ensuring that your offers don't get lost in the pre-vacation rush.

6. If your business is still in its infancy and struggling with brand awareness, the summer slump might seem like an opportune moment to cut back on marketing expenses. However, going silent during the low season can have detrimental effects on your ROI and long-term brand recognition.


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