Aloha from Kauai! In this issue; Hanalei beach news, Super hero, 'Warrior Protector of your Health tips" & Do it yourself at Home Spa ritual at the bottom! Monica won the customized guided meditation practice from the last Newsletter. Hope you enjoy Monica.
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Will Hanalei beach (by the Pier) open soon?
Four months ago, an historic flood wreaked havoc in Hanalei. We received an historic 50" of rain in April which quickly washed away a lot of Black Pot Beach, at Hanalei Pier. A report, issued in July, from the Department of Public Works, shows that the major damages to the area are: the erosion of Weke Road & Black Pot Beach and the destruction of the Comfort Station. The good news is...... Read more here

Drone image, aerial view of Hanalei Pier/Black Pot Beach
Promptly eliminate the ‘heat' from Summer,
so it doesn’t cause damage.
....In Ayurveda we take special care of our bodies during the transition of the seasons. This is because these transitions are delicate and unstable times.....

.....If we don’t promptly eliminate the excess that the previous season brought to us, (in this case, excess heat) this excess will cause problems, the root causes of disease…Symptoms of excess heat can be; irritability, prickly heat rash is common, loose stools, rashes, irritability is a big one, anything with an 'itis' indicates inflammation, acid indigestion and acid reflux to name a few...

“We can preserve our health, prevent disease and
promote longevity
and Ayurveda shows us how!”

 Read more for Super hero, 'Warrior Protector of your Health', tips.
You are the BEST VERSION of yourself that you possibly can be right now
In a recent newsletter, I mentioned observing how we talk to ourselves.
Are you kind to yourself?
Do you get frustrated, or angry quickly with yourself and or others?
How we think of ourselves is really important. Our whole being; cells, our unconscious, conscious mind hears everything we say!.....
Dr. Emoto did an experiment to see the effect of negative and positive words...

You are amazing!
Think and be kind to yourself.
DIY Hanalei Day Spa!
Do our exfoliation, at your home this week!
Here's a way to bring the spa home with you while you exfoliate those dead skin cells!

Supplies needed:
1/8- 1/4 cup of salt
1/4 cup of Coconut oil
Optional few drops of essential oil

There's a bonus Therapeutic Body Scrub Tips, Practice Ayurveda Kitchen Medicine.....

I miss you guys too! With warm aloha, Darci
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