Will ESD flooring work with a machine that weighs two tons
That’s the type of question we often get regarding our ESD flooring and how effective it will be in bearing the weight of heavy machinery. To answer that question in more detail, here’s an actual question received from a reader and our response.
Question: I have a 4,000-pound machine will this work on FreeStyle ESD? What is the load limit or psi for FreeStyle ESD?
Answer: The answer to this question requires a little math. If you have a 4,000 pound machine, how many legs does it have? If it has four legs, it means the machine has 1,000 pounds per leg. To calculate psi per leg, you divide the 1,000 pounds per leg by the total square inches of the foot of the leg that rests on the floor surface. If this foot measures four square inches, then you divide the 1,000 pounds per leg by four to get a total psi of 250 pounds for the machine. FreeStyle ESD will test up to 750 psi. For this example, FreeStyle ESD should perform just fine.

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