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Everyone is Getting Outside and Enjoying the Snow…
March 2021
Hello Everyone!

Work Far from Home—enjoy the delicate work-life balance of productivity and adventure in Vermont. Our winter and summer guests are having fun doing just this.

We’ve had a busy January / February. Our new and established guests are connecting with exciting winter experiences all over southern Vermont. And, there’s a sense of optimism is growing—suddenly the snowy mountains seem taller, the night skies brighter, and the Maple syrup a little sweeter! Reduce your carbon footprint, travel regionally and thoughtfully explore Vermont’s best kept secrets—don’t just read the story, become the story.
All our best,

Kay & Glenn
That's Rachel & Jesse
Our Brooklyn guests loved Cross-Country Skiing at Wild Wings Ski Touring Center and had a spectacular dinner at Silver Fork Restaurant. Their days were filled with discovering winter in Vermont! We continue to have the best guests!
Saturday Morning Delivery
And, we have the best neighbors! That's Cicc, making sure that our guests had fresh eggs at 8:17 AM last Saturday morning! Many of our guests have met Cicc and Susan when visiting their property to feed and water the cows, pigs and chickens. 
That's Cali & George
Together with Cali’s sister Maria and her husband Demetri, they all snowshoe hiked at the Viking Nordic Trail and skied Okemo. They had wonderful meals at The Barn, and great takeout food from Gringo Jack's and Mach’s Market.
Perspective Comes from Encountering Something Completely New...
The Best Gift Ideas • Mad River Taste
We received the most extraordinary gift package—from The Mad River Taste Place, a retail store dedicated to showcasing products from the makers and growers of the Mad River Valley and all throughout Vermont. Our neighbor had their cheese monger hand-select a perfectly blended assortment of award-winning soft, semi-soft and hard cheeses for us, which were some of the best cheeses we've ever had! Call Mary, she’s great, and runs the place.... 802.496.3165.
Dr. Kaftal Heads to Bromley After Breakfast...
It's Tradition... for the past six years, normally over the Christmas holiday, our former doctor and his son Johnny travel from New Jersey to stay with us and ski exclusively at Bromley. Then, after 10-12 runs on the slopes, it becomes more about perfectly pairing a glass of red with a roaring fire, and a pot of simmering sauce on the stove.
Waiting for the Fish... to bite.
Whenever we go out fishing with our friends, we often find people asking us, “Don't you get bored waiting for a fish to bite?" Our answer is always the same, "No." The thing is, it isn't about catching fish. Of course, it's nice when we do because it is exhilarating, but the reason fishing is so great despite what we catch is that it's about spending quality time with our friends, and new friends we’ve met on the hard water. 
Connecting Our Guests to New & Safe Outdoor Experiences… 
Our Guest Takes a Moment Before His Next Run... Okemo
There is something undeniably peaceful about going out into the wilderness and exploring the mountain ranges of Vermont. Whether on skis or snowshoes, if you’re visiting the snow-covered Green Mountains or the more western Taconic Range where Pond Mountain Inn sits, we’ve rounded up some great scenic nearby winter hikes. So, grab your hiking boots, skis or snowshoes, a water bottle, and get ready to explore some of the most breathtaking places that Vermont has to offer.
White Face Mountain • Stowe • Sugarbush • Killington • Mount Snow • Stratton 
We always said, “Why Limit Yourself to Just One Ski Mountain?" We also said, “We’re Perfectly Situated to Ski Stratton • Bromley • Killington • Pico • Okemo.” Dmitriy, our longest staying guest this year, devout Ranger fan and all-around great guy worked from home during his seventeen day visit at Pond Mountain Inn, and did not hesitate to make the 2+ hour weekend journey to both White Face Mountain in the Adirondacks and Stowe in northern Vermont. Dmitriy snowboarded on all six mountainshis favorite mountain this trip was SugarbushWell done Dmitriy!!
You Should Go Ice Fishing. Here's Why...
I read the Wall Street Journal most days… last week I stumbled on Jason Gay’s article about ice fishing on Lake George—it’s a fun winter article! Our friends and ice fishing guides just down the road were coincidentally ice fishing on Lake George around the same time, and caught lots of fish. I reached out to Scott Pollack, the artist, to ask permission to use his illustration above, and without hesitation Scott said, “Yes.” We had a nice chat—take a look at Scott’s website; you’ll immediately recognize his work, especially if you read Barron’s. Enjoy.
That's Not Just Matzah, That's Vermatzah!
Happy Passover!

Vermatzah, Vermont Artisan Matzah is just fifteen minutes from PMI in Middletown Springs. Over 80,000 pieces of Vermatzah sold! Every piece of Matzah is handmade in their wood-fired oven, using a blend of organic Vermont Wheat and Ancient Emmer, produced under the best sustainable agricultural practices from harvest through baking. And, plan for Pizza Night this summerwe're definitely going this year! Check out their website, and place your orders now! 
The 2021 Vermont Maple Open House Weekend... Canceled This Year.
Nebraska Knoll Sugar Farm • Stowe, Vermont

Don’t worry though… we can still show you how Maple Syrup is produced. Normally, Open House Weekend celebrates the first crop of the season in late March. In just a few weeks we have a number of friends that will gladly open their doors (with COVID precautions in place) so that you can see the sap from 15,000 tapped trees on 200 acres begin flowing by gravity, aided by vacuum through a network of tubing that carries the sap downhill to the sugarhouses. The volume of sap flowing into the sugarhouses can only be compared to a raging torrent of water – the entire process is incredible to witness! It takes 40-50 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup! Last year, Vermont had a record season with 2.2 million gallons of maple syrup produced. That’s about half the U.S. syrup production. Join us later in the month and we'll visit Baird Farm. Craving maple syrup? Try one of our most often requested and favorite recipes; here’s our Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe.
1.8 Mile Round Trip Hike to Our Neighbor's Property...
On this day we had to feed and water our neighbor's chickens and guinea hens... a great excuse to hike up and down the mountain... Then, we get to play with our other neighbor's goats as they continue eating our discarded Christmas tree. The Pine needles provide trace nutrients, antioxidants and minerals. In addition, the activity of chowing down on a tasty novelty interrupts the boring days of winter and eating only hay. The chickens get into the act as well, nibbling and playing with the pine needles and branches.
Breakfast Sushi... at Pond Mountain Inn
Our guests loved Kay’s new breakfast delicacy… Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon filled with a light and fluffy spinach and red onion scrambled egg.
We Joined Our Friends Ice Fishing Last Weekend...

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