If you are looking for a smaller floorplan, whether it be for a weekend getaway, a mother-in-law suite, an accessory dwelling unit to rent out, or a full-time residence, beware of what you are buying!

Our Retreats can be set on foundations including crawl spaces, basements, or a raised foundation such as pilings. These homes are considered "real" property once set on your foundation, therefore, they appreciate in value and result in a great investment opportunity!

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Affinity Building Systems is a leading manufacturer of high-performance modular structures for single family or multi-family residences, hospitality, and commercial structures such as offices, hotels, apartments, etc. Our modular buildings are built to the same building codes as traditional site-built construction. Affinity Building Systems is based in Lakeland, GA and provides modular buildings to independent, Authorized builders through-out the Southeast. (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee)
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