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EV and Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing


Humidity Control for Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing

The lithium-ion battery production sector is in constant development, and demand has been growing exponentially in recent years. This type of battery manufacturing requires very precise environmental conditions to preserve the qualities of the materials used.

Fisair's DFLOW air dehumidifiers are capable of dew points down to -70°C and offer high operability and minimum energy consumption. This, and their ease of cleaning and maintenance, durability, and thermal insulation make them an ideal solution for this type of industrial process.

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Demand for Electric Vehicles (EV)

Front View Car Factory Digitalization  Automated Robot Arm Assembly Line Manufacturing High-Tech Sustainable Electric Vehicles. Futuristic AI Computer Vision Analyzing_ Scanning Production Efficiency

With the ever-growing demand for electric vehicles – Fisair is a huge contributor to the proper maintenance of humidity control in dry rooms for the production of lithium batteries that power electric vehicles.

Fisair has had tremendous success in delivering units that will power the future generation of electric vehicles for companies.

DFLOW, the Solution in Desiccant Dehumidifiers for Lithium Batteries

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