Why No Covid Reports by Zip Code?
Earlier this summer I was providing Covid infection rates by zip code. A few weeks ago the State ceased providing local agencies the data Fire Chief Gary Blocker was filtering to give us the 70433/435 numbers.

If and when the State provides us with the positive case data, we will filter and inform accordingly.

Please do not delay your care out of fear related to the presence of COVID-19. St. Tammany Health System is clean, safe and prepared.
Last Folks Standing … Zumba with the Mayor was well attended. After five instructors put us through 90 minutes of cardio, core work and fun, only about 1/2 of the attendees remained. Yes, proper social distancing was practiced throughout.

Shout out to the Mayor's Council on Healthy Lifestyles, St. Tammany and Ochsner Health Systems.
Sunset at the Landing
Concert Series!
Heritage Bank teams up with the City of Covington to present wonderful musical artists in the beautiful setting of the historic Columbia Street Landing at 6:00pm on the 3rd Friday of each month.

Bring your chairs, your refreshments and your masks.

August 21st
September 18th
October 16th
The Ultimate Tailgate Party (UTP)!
Drive-by, that is ...
As I'm often fond of saying, sometimes supporting the community is as simple as buying the ticket, attending the event, eating the eats and drinking the drinks. This year, buy your ticket and simply drive by the Covington Trailhead. Good eats for good causes.

The West St. Tammany Exchange Club's Ultimate Tailgate cook-off benefits three of our organizations important to the needs of our children: Hope House, CASAMiracle League Northshore

If you're so inclined, please support.
LSU AgCenter launches virtual nutrition lessons
Taught by trained educators from LSU AgCenter
Healthful eating and meal planning
Managing your food dollars
Being physically active your way
Keeping your food safe

Miss Lucy … First Woman Elected Parish Wide
Miss Lucy had a forty-five year career of service to the State of Louisiana. She was the first woman elected parish wide and the first female Clerk of Court of St. Tammany Parish (where she served for twenty years from the mid-70s thru the mid-90s). As Clerk of Court, she oversaw the evolution of the Clerk’s office from manual to electronic communication and record keeping. Her tenure is remarkable for its professionalism, respect for constituents, impeccable performance and her down-to-earth friendly smile and manner. She was also known for her "Lucy" campaign ads ; )

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