July 15, 2022

Volume 12

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The Importance of Tracking Your Glucose

Glucose is the single most important thing to track and biohack for most of the population especially those with excess inflammation and insulin resistance. You can monitor glucose on your own at home with Keto-Mojo or get a continuous glucose monitor device (CGM).

Glucose levels are related to feeling tired, energized, angry, unmotivated, depressed, distracted, and a host of other states without understanding why you feel that way. Glucose levels tie into how you feel, sleep, hydration, caffeine, exercise, stress, food intake, food timing … and the list goes on. One supplement above all can help glucose levels.

Cataplex GTF contains B vitamins and trace minerals, including the biologically active form of chromium. B vitamins and chromium combine to make up what is known as the glucose tolerance factor (GTF), which is essential to maintain normal glucose (sugar) levels in the blood. Without these nutrients, no amount of exercise or low-carb dieting would normalize high glucose levels. 

I personally don't like to eat organ meat (I never acquired the taste) but thankfully I can take these foods in pill form. Cataplex GTF is made from the liver, pancreas, and adrenal extracts; yeast; buckwheat; quality proteins; and more. This supplement also contains microRNA – the genetic material from the pancreas extract that gets into your blood intact, targeting your own pancreas for more healthy insulin production. This is about as different as you can get from store-bought supplements and even those marketed as diabetes supplements.

Cataplex GTF protocol 

1-2 tablets per meal

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Tips for Biohackers

  • Eat whole foods with 30% raw.

  • Become aware of your signals originating within your body (i.e., physical awareness of your heartbeat, respiratory patterns, and glucose levels).

  • Make better food choice decisions and change from impulse decision-making to aware process decision-making.


Patients with diabetic neuropathy know about glucose. What people with neuropathy may not associate is that when you feel increased sensations of pins and needles, it could be related to eating something with a lot of sugar, i.e., a carb-heavy lunch, or dessert after dinner? 

I like the Keto-Mojo or CGM plans because if you know that oatmeal spikes your glucose to 180 mg/dL virtually eliminates this as a healthy option. This is now no longer a food choice. Or how about knowing that taking a 20-minute walk before eating a banana reduces a subsequent glucose spike and makes walking a clear positive choice.

Treatment Support for Neuropathy

  • Glucose monitoring tools like Keto-Mojo or a CGM help optimize glucose levels for neuropathy and to slow down the disease.

  • Stress reduction – deep breathing, meditation (sign up for Dr. Tucker’s future ebook on Stress)

  • Good sleep

  • A good diet with protein, eating whole foods with 30% raw.

  • Physical activity – walking, swimming, balance training, progress to sensorimotor exercises.

Relieve Neuropathy Pain


Don’t be fooled by CBD products that don’t penetrate the skin.

In addition to stretching, hemp-derived topicals such as PHYTO-ZOL are being used for pain relief.

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Jump-Start Cellular Energy Production with MitoCore

There are many things that can drain energy reserves. Lack of sleep, too much stress, poor nutrition, and prescription medications can draw on our energy reserves using them up faster than they can be replenished.

Even the vital biologic systems relied on to maintain health can create an energy deficit that needs to be restored.

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