Week 4: REPLAY

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This week's theme is REPLAY

“Life must be lived as play.”

- Plato

Today's Advice
When’s the last time you did the hokey-pokey, used a jump rope, or sat ‘Criss-Cross-Applesauce’ on the ground and combed a doll’s hair?

When’s the last time you did a puzzle, shuffled a deck of cards, or played with Legos?

Your paint set is dusty, your crochet hook is lonely, your wood-working is idol… it’s time to PLAY.

When we intentionally choose to PLAY, we engage our inner-child… the gentle, fun-loving, easy-going self that is under all those layers of work, chores, screens, and...adulting!

It’s time to replay the best parts of our childhood, bring back old joys, and find new ones as well!

Week 4 Goals:

  • Get inspired by the Zak Morgan video (above)
  • Dr. Dance Thursday, Feb. 25 at 8 p.m. EST
  • PLAY at least one time this week. Idea list
  • Family Obstacle Course
  • Try On-Demand: or Y YouTube
Hear from our team!
Friend of the Y, Albert Linsdell, says: "Make workouts fun!"
As a professional performer and personal trainer, he cannot help but combine singing with exercise.
Enjoy and find the FUN in physical activity.

Cori's favorite "make ahead" breakfast recipe:

Make for a group meal or prepare it for a week's worth of morning energy!
Try this family workout led by Amy, Louie and Aibileen!
Workout of the Day Abbreviations:
AMRAP = As many rounds as possible
EMOM = Every minute on the minute
DB = dumbbell
BW = bodyweight
M = minute (M1 = minute 1, M2 = minute 2, etc)
R = round (R1 = round 1, R2 = round 2)

Workout of the Day - Level 1
by Darla Wilhem, W. Dale Brougher Foundation YMCA

Workout of the Day - Level 2
by Paige Nenstiel, York Branch YMCA

Stability Ball Crunches
Demonstrated by Darla Wilhem, W. Dale Brougher Foundation YMCA
Start by lying across the stability ball.

Hips and lower back should be on the stability ball with both feet firmly on the floor.

Cross both arms over the chest.

Lift and crunch through the core, lifting the lower back slightly off the ball.
Mountain Climbers
Demonstrated by Paige Nenstiel, York Branch YMCA
Start in high plank position, with hands stacked underneath the shoulders.

Drive one knee in to the center of the body, keeping hips still.

Return the leg back towards the floor, and switch knees.
Glute Squeezes While Rolling Ball In and Out
Demonstrated by Darla Wilhem, W. Dale Brougher Foundation YMCA
Start on a mat lying face up, with the stability ball under the feet.

Squeeze the glutes to lift the hips so that they're hovering off the floor.

Roll the ball with the feet in and out.

Make sure to keep the hips still by continuing to squeeze the glutes and core while the feet move.
Bicycle Crunches
Demonstrated by Paige Nenstiel, York Branch YMCA
Start lying face up on mat with knees in table top position.

Bring fingertips to temples, keeping elbows wide.

Tap right toe to the floor while lift and twisting the chest towards the left knee.

Make sure to keep the elbows wide, using the core to twist the chest.
Music to Motivate!

Heather Moore, Coordinator of Health Intervention Programs, uses this playlist for Group Cycle, but you can use it for all workout types.


The Transformative Power of God
By Lisa Schreiber, Group Exercise Instructor,
York Branch YMCA

Matthew 13:31-32 NIV

“He told them another parable: The Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, when a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all your seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree so that birds of the air come and perch in its branches.”

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