Whom Does the Grail Serve?


The divine deed of the death of Jesus becomes the "turning point" in human history. The awakened consciousness of the human being, from that time forward, became able to seek and find the Holy Grail through their own spiritual striving - The Way. Each of us can redeem the expulsion from paradise and attain the spiritual tools for ascending back to heaven.

- Douglas Gabriel

In our last chapter, we explained the tangible Holy Grail relics and the legends of numerous grails that found their way into churches, monasteries, and holy places in Europe. 

We wrote that the search for the Holy Grail is the path of the prodigal son who leaves home to seek his fortune and eventually realizes that he must simply return home to accept his inheritance. If you missed this lesson, see Tangible Holy Relics

In the audio below, Tyla and Douglas do a free rendering of this passage, 'Tangible Holy Relics', and continue to the next section 'Who Does the Grail Serve?'

Tangible Holy Grail Relics
Tangible Holy Grail Relics

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Whom Does the Grail Serve?
The grail is often described as emitting brilliant light from something descending from above and overfilling a vessel. This grail also feeds every true need of those who witness it, including nourishing the body, soul, and spirit. Each person experiences the grail differently and it must be sought after and is seldom attained until great quests, purifications, and oblations have been made before the vision of the Holy Grail. Many quest for the mysterious grail, but few find it and subsequently become "keepers" or "stewards" of the grail. 
After a life-time of searching, some knights have come to the Grail Castle and asked the question: "Who does the grail serve?" This question begins the process of seeking the grail which ultimately ends in inheriting the crown of the Grail King/Grail Queen. In the process, the seeker who has found the Grail Castle can become a "grail maiden" who devotedly serves the grail.
The kingdom of heaven was filled with the light, wisdom, and love emanating from the throne of God. The throne was so brilliant that few could look upon its splendor and glory. All the hierarchies of the angels gathered around the throne to receive nourishment and bask in the magnificence of God. No angel, no matter how high, could rise to the full glory of God's throne and its magnificence. This "throne of God" was the archetypal grail of heaven that all the angels emulated and wished to imitate. 
Serving this wondrous throne was the highest desire of all the angels until Lucifer's pride led him to believe that he could sit upon the throne of God. It was this desire to attain the throne (grail) before the requisite path had been followed and appropriate blessedness had been attained that led to the "sin" of Lucifer. It was this jealousy of the throne (grail) that led to the fall of Lucifer from heaven.
Much like the stories of heaven before the fall, the Garden of Eden was filled with light, love and everything that Adam and Eve needed to live a beautiful life. The plants, animals, and the garden itself were all there to nourish and provide for them. The Tree of Life, in the center of the garden, was a wondrous source of living waters that flowed in all directions and fed all living things with burgeoning life. God spoke to Adam and Eve and tended their every need with love and care. The Tree of Life was a brilliant, living fountain of nourishment that was unending. This Garden of Eden and its Tree of Life are a paradisical imagination of a living and conscious holy grail. Adam and Eve were complete and satisfied with the nurturing provided to them in the Garden of Eden. It was the desire to 'be like God' that led them to disobey and create the "sin" of jealousy, pride, and separateness which caused the Expulsion from Paradise.

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ was the turning point of time that sparked a divine flame that has grown into a brilliant light of love through his sacrifice. The Tree of Life was transformed into a throne of victory through the holy cross as Jesus Christ implanted his divine blood into the earth and began the process of the earth becoming a sun. We are told that we are 'gods in the becoming', perhaps like the earth transforming into a sun. Only a few faithful followers could look upon Christ's death on the cross where Lucifer's fall from heaven and Adam and Eve's fall from the Garden of Eden were redeemed. The Old Dragon, who fell to earth, was conquered by the power of Christ's divine, selfless deed that conquered the selfish deeds of Lucifer, and Adam and Eve. The desire to quickly become "like the divine" is jealous self-gratification of one who is not yet ready to sit upon the throne of the divine. The quest for the grail is the slow and steady path to claim our inheritance to someday sit upon the throne rightfully as the Grail King or Grail Queen.

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Are there great master beings coming to save us? Is the rapture coming soon? Am I one of the chosen ones who will survive? Is there a way through the apocalypse of modern times?

Indeed, it seems like the world is more wicked than ever before in history, and we are more powerless than ever to unshackle the chains of economic, geopolitical, and religious slavery that were put on humanity many centuries ago.

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