I must confess... I have tried to watch almost every pitch of the World Series...the only person I know of personally that has followed it more closely has been my friend Tom Sommers from Fresno California...Tom had a baseball career with the Angels as a player followed by being General Manager of the year in AAA baseball...he knows seemingly everyone in the sport


Our joke...I was a pitcher - Tom says 
if he faced me consistently as a hitter...he would have led the majors in home runs!!!

 My comeback.. .if I would have pitched against Tom consistently I would have led the league in strikeouts!!!

 It is great fun kidding back and forth and watching exciting sporting events like...



is winding down....and it's no laughing matter

 The 2 most recent weekly Witness Breakthrough Newsletter Emails I sent out have had record breaking hits...

"Clinton and Trump all have sinned"

 2-"The Only Way to Vote"

 Please consider forwarding 
"The Only Way to Vote" 
(email blast sent last Wed. 10.26.16)
to people you know as an encouragement to 
...based upon platform not personality

 Ted Sprague 
Pro. 3:5-6

In the meantime what should we be God's grace and His mercy?

looking for His open doors

 Tudi and I plus Emma Grace(16)
 our granddaughter in Georgia just returned from a weekend in Alabama with our daughter Trinda and our 4 grandchildren

 We had a great time sightseeing with Trinda , Zoe (18),
Mary Brennan (16) plus...

 Watching Jeremiah (20) and Joseph (14) play 5 on 5 basketball full court for 2 hours non stop...other than my grandsons the other players were 15-21 years old and residents of the KINGS HOME...a live in home environment for abused youth, women and children

 They all hustled, fought hard and to say the least all were very competitive. Two of the young men play on local high school teams

 I asked the full time employee of the Kings Home if I could say a few words to the young men as they were finishing ...there were about 14 residents that included a few heart was touched watching the boys/young men play their hearts out...I fully realized I could have been them when I was their age...

 They all sat down in front of me and I shared with them my testimony using my wristband as my guide...the words in bold are what is on the wristband
wrist band

 I AM A SINNER....I told them that I have experienced a broken home 4 times, never knew my real father, staunch atheist etc...even though I had done many things wrong I never considered myself a sinner...until I read the Bible for  2+weeks...
I knew I was a sinner according to God's standards

 JESUS CHRIST IS MY SAVIOR...He became my Savior from all my sins of thought, word and changed my life dramatically...As I claimed Jesus  I had peace with God was such a secure feeling instead of only trusting in myself and feeling empty 

 JOHN 3:16...I asked if anyone could quote the verse...a couple of the young men did it out conclusion I said I have a wrist band for each of you...please wear it and as often as you look at it remember God's love for you in
Jesus Christ

 As I closed in prayer...
I thanked God for the p rivilege of meeting the young men and our time together after the basketball game





that's some of the variety of life!

Here's the BOTTOM LINE on each:

The WORLD SERIES . ..w e should enjoy  A+ baseball competition...I'm into it big time as a form of personal enjoyment...however it is pale by comparison in importance to...

The far the most critical decision in my lifetime. I continue to encourage people on the fence to vote for the platform, issues, and future important appointments of the candidates that stand for what mirrors their beliefs...
PRAY and then is absolutely critical in our nation's history

NEIGHBORHOOD BASKETBALL we look daily for His open doors to share the  Gospel of Jesus Christ...we will discover a joy for living that makes our time in the Word and fellowship come alive to represent by word and action the Lord where we walk everyday. As believers our time shopping, eating, enjoying exercise, studying, having coffee, doctors appointments, repairmen, beauty shop...all offer unique witness opportunities if we look for God's open doors ie the unplanned basketball witness experience
Col 4:2-6 "..that God may open a door.."

After all we are a witness every minute of everyday whether we like it or not so why not be a good witness? 

That's why my life's verse for the past 40+ years is Acts  17:28..." Him we live, move, and have our being..."

Encourage and train believers to be
John 3:16 witnesses-

"God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have life everlasting"

Our purpose based upon John 3:16:
 Love people & give them Jesus
That's what our the weekly emails for the past 7 years and the 4 WB books have modeled for believers

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