If you have a question related to a business prospect, please reach out to the contacts below.
Chris Schilken (East)
Lori Frederick (West)
Questions pertaining to the economic development environment in the state, reach out to your Partner Relations Representative.  
Adam Molseed
Representative (East)
Joe Fiala
Hannah Sage
Representative (West)
Our 2020 Community of the Year recipients at the annual GOED conference were Rapid City for Large Community of the Year, and North Sioux City for Small Community of the Year. Here are some of the things they have been up to.
In 2020, Elevate Rapid City created the Emergency Bridge Loan Program to assist small business owners, providing more than $220,000 to 18 businesses. They had checks out the door in just four days.
North Sioux City has experienced impressive growth over the last several years, driven largely by globally recognized companies like FIMCO Industries, Royal Canin, Wytec and Sterling Computers.
GOED is reviewing our financial programs and evaluating other available programs out there. We are looking to identify where the gaps are in economic development funding. We would like your feedback on what is working and the gaps you see with our programs and potentially lacking in others. Please include specific examples or ideas. If it’s too much to type, shoot us an email and we can schedule a time to talk!

To get you thinking, here are some financial programs offered:  
  • USDA
  • GOED
  • SBA  
  • Don’t forget the local EDO programs 

What gaps do you currently see in Economic Development financing programs?
Information as of 5/24/21 | These numbers are estimates, not all projects will close
GOED recommends this IEDC course ”On Talent Attraction” July 15 | 2:30 p.m. - 4 p.m. EST 
Find out how some communities have been able to revitalize their workforce through talent attraction. 
An RFI is a formal “Request for Information” from a site selection consultant or company who is searching for a new location for operations. Please double check the Business Development Rep handling the project moving forward, as some roles have transitioned within our office.