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VC Neil Shen chats with Rebecca at her Silicon Dragon event in Beijing (circa 2013)

Neil Shen of Sequoia Capital once again topped the list of top 100 VCs in Forbes annual ranking. It was his deal in Bytedance (think TikTok) that gave him an edge.

It's interesting to note that the San Francisco Bay Area is home to 57 of the top 100 performers followed by China with 13.

Many of those 13 China VCs and their winning portfolio companies were profiled in my prior book, Tech Titans of China.

In the U.S, outside the coastal cities of SF, NYC and Boston, just a handful of VCs made the list.

(None from Austin, a few from SFla & DC!)

London amazingly scored with 8.

In the future, I think we will see more winners from the Heartland, particularly the Columbus metro where Drive Capital has been mighty active.

Here's just one more reason why I'm convinced that the Heartland is on the rise as a Tech Belt. (remember I said that about China!)

See Forbes article here:

The Industrial Belt Fights Back

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In attendance was industrial innovator Mike Otworth of Innventure. He's featured in Chapter Two of my new book. His portfolio company PureCycle Technologies is recycling the toughest plastics, using R&D from P&G. I found PureCycle in Ironton, Ohio and interviewed Mike there for the book. A consultant had warned me not to go there, "It's too dirty." It wasn't.

Posing with Mike Otworth at my book talk in Palm Beach, May 3

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Tech is everywhere! Check out Circuit, a new and free ride app in Palm Beach. Circuit runs on EC, naturally. Great way to get around town and over to the Four Arts, where I gave a book talk last week.

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Rebecca Fannin has done it again! Opening our eyes to a new vista in technological progress and innovation. In her new book, Silicon Heartland: Transforming the Midwest from Rust Belt to Tech Belt, Fannin gives us a real time view of the transformation of the old American rustbelt. She presents both the opportunities and challenges for an ascendance of America’s heartland. Her interviews range from Dan Gilbert (Quicken Loans, Detroit) to Pittsburg’s former mayor, Bill Peduto; from 3D printing to autonomous driving. Her earlier Silicon Dragon series of books dealing with the Asian tech scene help us put the Midwest tech sector in context. Part personal journey, part sociology and history, and plenty of business, Silicon Heartland: is a must read.

Professor Ron Schramm

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Author: China Macrofinance: A US Perspective

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