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The grocery stores are filled with pumpkins. Witch lawn ornaments cackle at the front of retail stores. (Costco is selling Christmas trees! But let's not think that far ahead.) This must mean October is almost here!

While you'll surely start to see more people carrying Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, you might also notice NFL players wearing pink socks and TV personalities sporting pink ribbons. That's because October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Almost all of us know a friend or family member who has battled breast cancer. Maybe you are a survivor yourself! As October approaches, please consider supporting a breast cancer charity.

More importantly, ask your company to support a breast cancer charity this October. Here at Shades of Pink Foundation, California, we are happy to work with local businesses who want to raise funds during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We can help you brainstorm special promotions and will get the word out among our local network to raise awareness of your event!

At Shades of Pink Foundation, California, our focus is providing direct relief to women in San Diego in active breast cancer treatment. We help pay their rent or mortgage, cover the cost of groceries, make car payments -- anything a woman needs to stay financially afloat during this difficult time. 

Keep reading to see a great example of what a partnership with SOPFCA can look like with our Bike for Boobs event on Oct. 14th. We also highlight the story of Donna, one of our many deserving grant recipients.

Our organization is young and still growing, and our success depends on you! Please keep us in mind this October and during every month of the year. 


Vembra Holnagel
President, Shades of Pink Foundation California

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Bike for Boobs!

If you've got a bike and a desire to help women in San Diego battling breast cancer, then join us on Sunday, October 14th for the sixth annual Bike for Boobs, sponsored by The Wine Pub and Coffee Hub & Cafe. Proceeds from this event will benefit Shades of Pink Foundation California

Actually, you don't even need a bike. Borrow one from your neighbor, throw on a pink t-shirt (pink tutus are also welcome), and join us for a leisurely 4-mile ride around Fiesta Island or if you want a bigger ride join us for the extended 20-mile road ride through Fiesta, Harbor and Shelter islands  The 20 mile ride starts at 2 pm. 

After you've put in your miles, the real fun begins. Join us at the Wine Pub for drinks, appetizers, music, and a live auction. (Note: If a 20-mile bike ride isn't your idea of a fun afternoon activity, you can just meet up with our group for the after party.)

What: Bike for Boobs
When: Sunday, Oct 14th
Time: 3 PM 
2pm for 20 mile ride. 
Where: Shelter Island

After Party at The Wine Pub
2907 Shelter Island
Dr. 108
San Diego, CA 92106

Sign up to ride by clicking on the  Bike for Boobs link below. You will see a Purchase Ticket link at the top of the website. 

If you are just joining us for the party, please make a donation at the door.

Check out the Wine Pub.  
"I've used up my savings. My Social Security is not enough to live on." Donna
Donna's Story

Despite being partially paralyzed for most of her life, Donna was always able to support herself. For six years,she taught citizenship classes and English as a second language.

Losing her job was a devastating blow, which was soon followed by a bigger challenge when her home flooded. Donna assumed that the lingering exhaustion she felt had to do with living in a hotel room and spending her days looking for a new job and fighting with insurance companies.

When she finally went to the doctor, she received a frightening diagnosis of Stage II breast cancer.

What followed was eight months of tests, consultations, surgeries and chemotherapy. All the while, Donna's savings evaporated as she fought her cancer.

In her grant application, she wrote, "I am weak, depressed, frightened, and overwhelmed. My financial situation is now desperate." 

Here at SOPFCA, we felt Donna was highly deserving of a grant. After spending so many years helping newcomers learn the skills they needed to be successful in America, Donna needed a helping hand of her own.

Our grant went toward paying Donna's utility bills, insurance, and treatment travel costs.

Upon receiving her grant, Donna wrote us, "Your caring and kindness are priceless to me, as I know is true for the many women you help in our time of need."

Donna's grant was made possible by your donations!

(Image courtesy of Visual Hunt)
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Shades of Pink Foundation California

Shades of Pink Foundation California is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) California nonprofit Corporation.

 How We're Doing So Far

Our donors deserve to know where their donations are going. At SOPFCA, we believe in complete transparency. We WANT you to see how your money is being used. 

Here is what we've accomplished with your support so far this year:

Total Grant Requests In 2018: 22

Total Grants Approved in 2018: 13

Total Grants Pending in 2018: 2

Average Grant Award: $1,593

Total Grants Provided Through August, 2018: $20,705

The majority of our grants continue to be used to assist for housing costs. One of the biggest fears we hear over and over again is a fear of losing the place they call home and becoming homeless! .

The next most common uses of our grants are for utility payments and transportation-related costs, like fuel, car payments, and car insurance.   

Your donations really do make a difference in the lives of women in your community! We'd like to thank donors like you for making these grants possible.
How to Support SOPFCA 

 Hope Partners
Monthly Giving

If you want to step up your donation game right here, right now, then make the commitment to give each month. Through Hope Partners, you can sign up online to make an automatic monthly donation from as little as $25 a month ($0.83 a day) or choose your own amount.

If you want to honor someone close to you who battled breast cancer you can always make a one-time donation to SOPFCA in any amount you like
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