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White Collar Week Newsletter Nov. '22

White Collar Support Group
333rd Meeting!
Online on Zoom
Monday, Nov. 7, 2022
7 pm ET, 6 pm CT, 5 pm MT, 4 pm PT

We meet every Monday!
We are a community of people with white collar justice issues who have a desire to take responsibility for our actions and the wreckage we caused, make amends, and move forward in new way of life centered on hope, care, compassion, tolerance and empathy. Our experience shows us that many of us are suffering in silence with shame, remorse, and deep regret. Many of us have been stigmatized by our own families, friends and communities, and the business community. Our goal is to learn and evolve into a new spiritual way of life and to reach out in service to others. Over 500 people have participated in our support group meetings from the United States, Canada, South America, Mexico, Europe and the Caribbean.

IMPORTANT!: If you are currently on supervised release, probation or parole, it is important that you first discuss this with your P.O. To assist in this regard, information about our ministry is available on

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to join in our next meeting, or with any questions you might have regarding this group, its meetings, or anything else whatsoever.

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Also, White Collar Week Podcast: An Evening with Our White Collar Support Group. 16 support group members share their stories. Link here

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It’s the isolation that destroys us.
The solution is in community.
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Trey Laird, Founder/CEO of
Lighthouse Sober Living
White Collar Week 
Tuesday Speaker Series
Tues., Nov. 8, 2022, 7 pm ET, 4 pm PM
We are honored to have Trey Laird as the November speaker in our White Collar Support Group Tuesday Speaker Series.

Trey Laird is CEO and Founder of both The Lighthouse Sober Living and The Lighthouse Recovery Coaching 365 Program. Before founding The Lighthouse, Mr. Laird was a Wall Street equities trader for 22 years, starting this first career with Bankers Trust and exiting with Lazard. Mr. Laird attended the Trinity School in Manhattan and Dartmouth College.

Mr. Laird has five children and lives in New Canaan, Connecticut with his wife. He is an avid golfer and marathoner, regularly travels to share his story of recovery and treatment best practices, and appears regularly in the press on addiction issues.

Mr. Laird feels that his choice to Recover Out Loud has had an extraordinary impact on his life in recovery.

The mission of The Lighthouse is to provide clients and families struggling with substance use and mental health disorders a pathway to RECOVER, RESTORE, and REBUILD their lives, wherever they are in their healing journey.

We are a premier provider offering discreet concierge services including sober living, case management, recovery coaching, companionship and transport to men, women and families in the tri-state area. We offer recovery support and consultation services in the comfort of your home and community or ours.

We are uniquely positioned to do this as our array of services offers every client compassion, unwavering support, and confidential services tailored to meet their individual needs. We offer support for the individual and families along the entire continuum of their recovery journey.

Contact information:

We will be Panelists at the
American Bar Association
Criminal Justice Section Fall Institute

Conference: Nov. 17th & 18th, 2022
Washington, DC

Panel: Fri., Nov. 18th, 11 am
"Prosecuted Lawyers’ Perspectives on White Collar/Nonviolent Prosecution and Reentry"

Details: Lawyers convicted and incarcerated for white collar or nonviolent crimes will share their stories, experiences and difficulties during prosecution and reentering society after prison, and will make recommendations as to how the white collar bar and criminal justice system can be more effective, humane and merciful towards white collar defendants (and their families) while better fulfilling their obligation to enhance rehabilitation through diversion and other alternatives to incarceration. Please join us if you will be in the DC area!

Moderator: Jeffrey D. Grant, Esq.

Panelists: R. Seth Williams, Bill Baroni, Esq., Michele Weinstat, Esq., Jeffrey Wertkin

Cost: Free!

Entrepreneur: 9 Things to Know 
when Hiring a White Collar 
Criminal Defense Lawyer
by Jeff Grant, Esq.

Hiring a white-collar defense lawyer is a monumental task — and one that most entrepreneurs and businesspeople, even those who are sophisticated legal consumers, are monumentally unprepared to do.

I should know.

I’m a lawyer who became addicted to prescription opioids and served almost 14 months in federal prison for a white-collar crime.

I was disbarred, and then step-by-step, lesson-by-lesson, I worked my way through the ordeal.

On May 5, 2021, my law license was reinstated by the Supreme Court of the State of New York. Here are some takeaways I learned from over three decades of experience on both sides of the legal system:

Fellow Travelers
Richard McDonald and Fred Aaron
Justice Impacted Podcast
with Kristine Bunch
Ep. 8, Oct. 8, 2022

Richard McDonald & Fred Aaron are members of our White Collar Support Group that meets on Zoom on Monday evenings.

Two formerly incarcerated individuals share about white collar crime, the ramifications and the support needed after release. 

Fred Aaron is the Grant Writer for Interrogating Justice, as well as a contributing writer for Interrogating Justice and How to Justice. Becoming a justice-impacted person wasn’t on Fred’s bucket list, but a series of bad decisions and errors in judgment led him to a 14-month bid at FCI Otisville. Prior to that, Fred had practiced law in New York State for over 25 years, including conducting a number of federal and state trials, and assisting nonprofits obtain IRS certification...

Richard McDonald is the Director of Corporate Development for Global Arena, specializing in US based Mergers & Acquisitions. Richard has a background in Human Resources, Corporate Development, and is currently writing his first book Unshackled: Breaking the Chains of Addiction, Abuse, and Anger which is scheduled to be released in April 2023, which is the five year anniversary of Richard’s freedom from the chains of Oxycontin...

Webinar: Is Fraud Addictive?

Jeff Grant, Esq.
will be Interviewed by
ACFE Chief Training Officer
John Gill
Thurs., Dec. 8, 2022, 2 pm ET, 11 am PT

Jeff Grant is a member of our White Collar Support Group that meets on Zoom on Monday evenings.

"Many fraudsters describe their crimes as an addiction — they know they shouldn’t keep stealing, but they can’t stop. After an addiction to prescription opioids and serving almost 14 months in Federal prison for a white-collar crime, Jeff Grant started a ministry to help white-collar criminals re-enter society and avoid making the same mistakes that landed them in prison.

In this webinar, ACFE Chief Training Officer, John Gill, will talk to Grant about the circumstances of his own crimes and how this helps him understand the mindset of the fraudsters he counsels."

White Collar Support Group Blog:
The Architect of Their Life
Alchemizes Adversity into Service
by Fellow Traveler Craig Stanland

Craig Stanland is a member of our White Collar Support Group that meets on Zoom on Monday evenings.

The Egyptian scarab is one of the most well-recognized symbols in Ancient Egypt.

It appears on amulets, jewelry, hieroglyphics, and in commemoration of the dead.

Modeled after the dung beetle, the scarab was connected with the sun god Khepri, who brought the sunrise over the horizon each day.

The scarab symbolized rebirth, regeneration, and protection in the afterlife.

The dung beetle collects small pieces of dung and then molds and shapes them into a sphere.

It rolls the ball around wherever it goes and will fight furiously to protect its creation.

When the time is right, the female beetle injects her eggs into the ball and buries the ball into the soil.

When the eggs hatch, they feed off the dung until they mature and emerge from the soil.

Life emerges from excrement.

Adversity is the inevitable, shit part of life.

Our Support Group was
Featured in The New Yorker:
Life After White Collar Crime
by Evan Osnos
"A support group launched in Greenwich CT serves 'guys detoxing from power.'”

Congratulations to all of our White Collar Support Group members, friends and colleagues featured in this article. What an incredible journey of transformation and redemption we’ve been on together! 

Spiritual Urgent Care Group  

Thursdays 1/2 Hour Check-in and Support
9:30 am ET, 8:30 am CT, 7:30 am MT, 6:30 am PT

No registration necessary. All are invited!

Progressive Prison Ministries invites you to Spiritual Urgent Care, Online Group: Thursdays on Zoom, 9:30 am ET, 8:30 am CT, 7:30 am MT, 6:30 am PT. No registration necessary. Spiritual Urgent Care is open to all individuals who are being or have been prosecuted for white collar crimes or have suffered other life-altering or traumatic events. 

Open to all friends and family members! Please feel free to share!

IMPORTANT!: If you are currently on supervised release, 
probation, parole or similar supervision, it is important that you first discuss this with your P.O.  To assist in this regard, information about our ministry is available on

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 397 962 564, Password: 373483

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The World’s First Support Group
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It's the isolation that destroys us.
The solution is in community.

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