Updated Guidance for SY 2020-21
Commissioner Morath highlighted some updates in the newly revised guidance posted on the Texas Education Agency website:

On-Campus and Remote Instruction Requirements for Funding
During the first three weeks of the school year, districts can limit access to on-campus instruction (to a certain percentage of students each day, certain grades or classes, or full virtual instruction). However, students who do not have access to Internet or devices at home for remote learning must be allowed on campus (even if instruction is fully virtual during this period).

After the first three weeks of school (except when a campus is ordered closed or has a confirmed case of COVID-19 on campus), on-campus instruction must be provided for all grades served every day for all students whose parents want them to attend on campus , in order for a district to receive funding for remote instruction any day. 

If a campus is ordered closed, remote instruction will be funded. If a campus is closed due to a confirmed COVID-19 case on campus, remote instruction will be funded for up to five days for participating students, and after those five days the campus must be open for on campus instruction again in order to be eligible for any funding (on campus or remote). 

Districts may offer a hybrid model that includes some (but less than daily) on campus attendance and some remote instruction, but only for students and families who choose that model. 

Districts may limit the ability to transition from remote to on-campus instruction to the end of a grading period (unless remote instruction was only used due to 2-week isolation following COVID-19 exposure), but daily on-campus instruction must be available for any parent who chooses it in order for the district to be eligible for funding. Districts also may not ask parents to commit to one method of instruction over the other prior to two weeks before the school year begins.

Health Guidance
One week prior to the start of on-campus activities, schools must post a summary of their plan to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. There are many additional details listed in the Health Planning Guidance regarding screening requirements for students, staff, and visitors, required actions for confirmed cases, and operational considerations for health/hygiene practices, masks, and maintaining distance.

Attendance and Enrollment
More guidance was posted regarding the different methods of attendance and enrollment available through remote instruction as well. To help explain the different options, TEA posted this SY 20-21 Attendance Method Comparison Chart . You can also find these other newly posted documents:

State Revenue Update
Another month has come and gone, and the state revenue indicators from June 2020 were better than May 2020, but still not great. While more businesses re-opened in the month of June, and consumer spending increased, June 2020, collections were still 6.5 percent below June 2019 collection levels, bringing the totals for April, May, and June 2020 combined to 9.7 percent behind those months from 2019.

We have updated our talking points on the fiscal downturn's likely impact on public education funding with all the latest information.
Primary Runoff voting underway
The runoff election from the March Primary was postponed from May to July 14. Early voting for that election is currently underway through July 10.

Any registered voter is eligible to vote--even if that individual did not vote in March. Voters who cast ballots in March will be required to vote in the same party's primary. Those who did not vote in March are free to select the party of their choice in July.

Click on this link if you need a refresher on the March 3 election results . Or if you are looking for information regarding who might appear on the ballot or where you can go to vote, you can get more information on this election from the Texas Secretary of State or research information on the candidates through some of the resources listed on the Texas Educators Vote website.

Make sure you and those in your community make your voice heard in this election, which will determine which candidates appear on the ballot in November.
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